Curvy Girl Lingerie / Oprah Selfie Challenge


Curvy Girls Rock

I hope you can join us for our Curvy Girl Flash Mob on Sept. 20th at 6pm. We’re having a photo shoot and we want you to print these out and bring them to our Flash Mob. And, if you do not live in San Jose, near our boutique,  print out these OPRAH signs and take a SELFIE with one of the. Post them to our Facebook or our Instagram. Please use the hashtag  #curvygirlchallenge

Don’t you think the quintessential Curvy Girl would just adore our store and our PROUD Curvy Girl movement? I do. She is on a lifelong journey to loving her body and so are we, right?

We would love to invite Oprah and her producer Sheri Salata to our store. We can offer her a very private shopping experience – I would close down the entire store if she wanted to come and shop and check us out. Wouldn’t you?  :)


Oprah, Curvy Girls Rock

curvygirl_oprah5 curvygirl_oprah8

Anyway, join us this Saturday or join us online for the Curvy Girl / Oprah Selfie Challenge! Help us to be “trending” all over Facebook and Instagram this week and all day long on Saturday. Twitter, too. (I am @blissconnection on Twitter.)

Facebook page is and on Instagram we are @curvygirllingerie.

Thanks for all of your support Curvies and the people that love us!

Sincerely, Chrystal

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl



Curvy Girls Living Large – my new podcast!

8 Sex Toys that are FAB for Curvy Women!  I did it! I created a podcast all about the best sex toys for fat, sexy, curvy bodies! (And, if you google “sex toys for fat women” an article I wrote about sex toys for curvy bodies.)

This podcast is basically the podcast version of the article. You can read the article here, too:    SEX TOYS FOR FAT, CURVY WOMEN LINK TO ARTICLE

Current Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Curvy Girls Living Large on BlogTalkRadio

If you have ideas for other topics or people you want to hear me interview, please comment here or on my Facebook page! 

And, if you do want to buy a toy or lingerie online, you can use the code podcast on both sites for a discount and a free gift with purchase.

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon