Curvy Girl Lingerie T.V. Show – It’s Our Time


It’s our TIME!   (This is the link we would love you to SHARE if you could.)

We’re fat, sassy, sexy and proud to show it on our new reality TV show! It’s OUR time to share with the world that we love our bodacious bodies and that, yes, fat people are sexy too! This hit show is for us – plus-size goddesses that flaunt their fabulous curves! Join us in creating this show for us, by us, about us and edited by us!

But we’re going to need your help!  We’re going to need your social currency and while we would love your donation, more importantly – would you share this please. We’re going to need all of us to make this happen.

Wouldn’t you love to see a show FOR fat, thick, curvy people ABOUT us, created by us and most importantly edited by us!  70% of Americans are plus size, but about 99% percent of the people you see in the movies and on t.v. are NOT.

We created some really fun and sassy perks in exchange for your donations, too!  Some of our best selling toys and lingerie for your donation.

And, once we get our pilot made, we want all of you to come to a casting call because we want our Curvy Girl T.V. show to be about all of you.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can always reach me at the store at 408-264-4227.

And, be sure to come join us on Facebook and watch our progress.

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6 Tips for Men Buying Lingerie For Your Wife or Girlfriend

full-figure-lingerieWe know that buying lingerie for someone else is tricky. And, for men who buy lingerie for women, it’s especially intimidating. Buying the wrong size can be problematic and rarely leads to hot sex. :)

(Our plus size lingerie store link is here:

Since men do not usually have much experience with women’s clothes and sizing, this is specifically written for men who want to buy lingerie for their wives, girlfriends, or lover. Men tell me that women’s clothing and sizing is are confusing for them. (I hear, ya! It’s confusing for us, too.  Typically, when we have a new customer at our boutique, we tell our customers they can be anywhere from size 1x to 6x no matter what size they are.)

Often times, when men come to our boutique they want to show us pictures of their girls on their cell phones, but sadly, we cannot tell much about her size by a cell phone picture. Here is some information that you can arm yourself to shop at our boutique and our online store.

6 Tips For Men Buying Lingerie this Valentine’s Day

1.  Pay attention to the colors she likes to wear. Look at her closet or pay attention to what you see her wear to work or out for fun dates with you. Are there colors you know she hates? There is likely a theme in her wardrobe. Does she like neutrals? Does she wear yellows or oranges? Do you see her wearing a lot of reds or purples? Pay a bit of attention so you know what to not to buy. I am sure there are some colors she hates and some colors she loves.

2. Do some snooping. Without looking to creepy, look in her underwear drawer and see if you can see if there is a theme of sizes in there. (We all have several sizes of everything. Women’s clothes are random like that.) So see if  you see a bunch of one size or check Continue reading


Do You Want to See Fat Women Who LOVE Their Bodies on TV?

I do!   Enough with the said tropes about how all fat women hate their body and are constantly starving themselves to be some magical weight.  I want to see women and men obsessing about living not dieting.  I want our Curvy Girl T.V. Show to feature fat, thick, plush and curvy women who are LOVING LIFE. Living out loud.  Not hiding in the back. Not the wallflower at the party. We are not going anywhere. It’s our time.

Here is a 27 second video I made.  And, donate a buck to our campaign and share the hell out of it if you also want to see FAT and FULLY REALIZED happy curvy women and men on t.v.

Look for my chubby cheeks and donate $1 or share it like a maniac! Help us get the word out, please. Tell all of the fierce fatties in your life.

If you don’t know who we are, we are Curvy Girl Lingerie – a plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose, CA. WE also sell our plus size lingerie online and ship it all over the world. Come join us on Facebook and Instagram. and @curvygirllingerie on I.g.

thanks, Chrystal (Owner and Resident Curvy Girl)


Workout DVD Made For Larger Bodies from Body Echange

For you Curvy Girls who love to work out and move your luscious curvy bodies, my friend Louise Green, the founder of Body Exchange has a brand new fitness DVD for us! (Buy the fitness DVD here.)

Do you follow The Body Exchange on Facebook?

Their page address is:

And, you can buy her DVD – which is cardio and weight training for bodies of all sizes here:

She even has one athlete who works out starting in her chair. Louise and Body Exchange really thought about ALL of us and all of our bodies and fitness levels. Some of you may recognize Louise from the various articles floating around the interwebs and being FAT and FIT.  This is her amazing blog for the Huffington Post “This is What a Fat Athlete Looks Like.” Continue reading