This Lingerie Video Is A Reminder That Fatness & Sexuality Are Not Mutually Exclusive (

Fat and Sexy are NOT Mutually Exclusive… but then again, we at Curvy Girl already knew that! Great article from Bustle’s Marie Southard Ospina


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How do you LOVE yourself in a Fat Body?

plus-size-lingerieWe say it so often, right? “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you.”

“Love yourself first and then everything else falls in line.”

“If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else love you?”

I know I have been guilty of saying things at various times. And, if it were that easy, we would just all do it, right? So that got me thinking about ACTIONABLE ideas for how you can begin to love yourself in the exact body you have right now. (And, in my case, it’s my fat body.) I feel like these somewhat tired “sayings” can sound so flippant sometimes. I don’t want to be flip. I want to share actionable ideas about how you can learn to LOVE your fat self.

I decided to ask my followers on Facebook and see how they began the process of falling in love with themselves. I am sharing here with permission:

Elena Geesey I smile at myself in the mirror & say Hey gorgeous!!!

Rachel Hockaday I started by following plus size models and activists… seeing people of my size who I thought were beautiful really helped me to see myself without thinking I was ugly because I was fat. Also, when I was having bad days and felt like I was “hating” myself, I made myself point out things I loved about me until I drowned out the hate ♡♡

Jennifer: I know this will sound wrong but antidepressants helped me a lot. I actually take them for anxiety, the antidepressant part is an added bonus. To explain, it really took away a lot of the anxiety I had about not looking how I thought people felt I should look so I could really focus on really seeing my true self, good and bad, physical as well as non tangible aspects. I realized how I felt about myself was largely up to me. I started to live the way I wanted, not the way I thought I was expected to. If I wanted to wear makeup or do my hair I did. If I wanted to go out and have fun I did. If I wanted to wear something unexpected I did. I like who I am when I do them and having the freedom I felt I had when I was thin feels awesome. It does hurt my feelings when someone says or does something nasty towards me based on my weight, but I realized their attitude is more about them then about me. I like who I am as a person. I am more than what is on the outside. I just needed help pushing the reset button so I could see it. Continue reading