Curvy Girl Lingerie T.V. Show – It’s Our Time


It’s our TIME!   (This is the link we would love you to SHARE if you could.)

We’re fat, sassy, sexy and proud to show it on our new reality TV show! It’s OUR time to share with the world that we love our bodacious bodies and that, yes, fat people are sexy too! This hit show is for us – plus-size goddesses that flaunt their fabulous curves! Join us in creating this show for us, by us, about us and edited by us!

But we’re going to need your help!  We’re going to need your social currency and while we would love your donation, more importantly – would you share this please. We’re going to need all of us to make this happen.

Wouldn’t you love to see a show FOR fat, thick, curvy people ABOUT us, created by us and most importantly edited by us!  70% of Americans are plus size, but about 99% percent of the people you see in the movies and on t.v. are NOT.

We created some really fun and sassy perks in exchange for your donations, too!  Some of our best selling toys and lingerie for your donation.

And, once we get our pilot made, we want all of you to come to a casting call because we want our Curvy Girl T.V. show to be about all of you.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can always reach me at the store at 408-264-4227.

And, be sure to come join us on Facebook and watch our progress.

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Thigh Highs for Fat Thighs. Happy Early Black Friday!



The Lois Kixies Thigh Highs for Fat Thighs

Yes, I too was seriously pessimistic when I got my first pair of Kixies to test.  About two years go, a friend of mine told me all about Kixies and that I am going to love their stockings because they fit fat thighs. (Blog of my chubby thighs and pics from 2 years ago when I first tried them here.)  I have had fat thighs since the 3rd grade. I know something about fat thighs that “touch so much because they LOVE each other.” Never even heard of a “thigh gap” until I was 45. Who doesn’t love soft, squishy inner thighs? Maybe someone who’s never used their chubby inner thighs as hand warmers!  Anyway, I was so pessimistic when I first heard about these super duper amazing thigh highs. I mean, how could the possibly work when SO MANY have not?  KIXIES ON SALE HERE

For the past 20 years of my life, I had been on the SEARCH for thigh highs that actually DO NOT ROLL DOWN and that DO NOT turn my thighs into sausages… and like most of you… I have wasted hundreds of dollars on thigh highs that are way too small. Way too short. Way too crapola. I’ve tried all of the brands from all of the retailers. I’ve tried all of the brands you can buy online. I’ve tried them all. TRUST ME. I own a plus size lingerie boutique. This is something I have researched and researched. And, then, Kixies came into my life. It’s like the clouds parted and the sun was shining.

And, the good news is that we are marking them down $8 a pair. So they will only cost you $14 instead of $22.  We have worked out a very special deal with Kixies so we could offer this amazing deal to all of you for an early BLACK FRIDAY sale. Get them Continue reading


Free Plus Size Panties for Veterans 2015

Free Panties for Vets 2015Happy Veterans Day! This is our 3rd year in a row to offer free Panties for our U.S. Veterans. This year we are offering these sexy cheeky shorts (that, are btw, also crotchless… but shhhhhhh!) for Free.  11/11/2015  LINK TO PANTIES HERE

It’s super simple to take advantage of the offer.  Just email us to and tell us about  your service and if you would prefer the size 1x/2x or the size 3x/4x.  We will pick a color. Depends on what we have left in stock, but all of the colors are pretty. (We could really use some help with the postage, which is only $3 via USPS. So, if you can afford it, Paypal us the $3 to or call the store with your credit card.  Tel: 408-264-4227. If you cannot afford the $3, we can cover the cost for you. MOST IMPORTANT:  Please put FREE PANTIES FOR VETS in the subject line so we can keep track of all of them easily. And, give us about 10 days to get them all shipped out from our boutique in San Jose.

If you are local, stop by our store any time on 11/11 and you can come and choose a free pair. Please bring your military i.d. with you. No purchase necessary. If you have never been to Curvy Girl, we are at 1535 Meridian Ave, San Jose, 95125 in Willow Glen in the Three Flames shopping center. (While supplies last.)

Have you joined our Curvy Girl community on Facebook?  and we are also on Instagram.

Thank you and THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VETS for your service. My heart is filled with gratitude and I am truly personally very grateful. I know this is a bit out of the ordinary. This isn’t a free dinner at Applebees. But, we like being a bit sassy at Curvy Girl… and who doesn’t love a pretty pair of panties.

(And, sidebar, we do have a special military database we can check out to make sure you are not just trying to get a free pair of panties. So, yes, we do check. And, like I said, this is our 3rd year doing this, so we have learned a few things along the way.)

free red panties for vets

Here is the link on our website if you want to take a look, too.



Are you a Curvy Girl Lingerie Insider?  Text us the word curvygirl (one word) to 22828.

Sincerely, Chrystal


Fierce Fatties In The News! Great News, Finally!

What an amazing two to three weeks it has been for Positive Plus Size News. So many good things happening and I am just so excited, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Want to share them all with you here. Comment if I forgot anything and I can add it to the list. (Your blog comments are always welcome. Google loves comments! It makes my blog look relevant to the search engines. HINT HINT…. shameless, I know.)

the militant baker1.  “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” is now available in bookstores and online! I was so fortunate to be at the Oct. 27th Launch Party and Book Signing in San Francisco and got to hug Jes Baker about 10 times that night. (Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but I wanted to!) It’s a great read and you can even read my short essay on page 213! Of course, you know I am always talking about hot sex and the fat girl! Buy your copy asap. It’s a great read and will also make a great gift.  Oh and Oh Yah, no biggee, but Jes was on THE TODAY SHOW! (<<click link to watch Jes preach it on the Today show! Such amazing coverage.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

2.  Curvy Girls Love Hot Sex, Too!  (And I will add “DUH!)  So excited that the t.v. show “Empire” shows the stunning, smart and always sassy Gabouray Sibide in a very HOT and STEAMY scene as her character “Becky.”  WOW. You just almost NEVER see  a woman of size in a sexy, steamy scene like that one. Here is some more information about Gabby’s response to the haters out there. I just adore how she rarely seems bothered by the haters. She is #booked! She said she “felt beautiful.” She is always beautiful. Here’s to hoping we will see lots more women of size and women of color in the media. Gabby is definitely one of my sheroes and some how some way want to gift her some sexy Continue reading