Plus Size Pleasure on Curvy Girl Radio: Interview with Kelly Shibari

Kelly Shibari on Curvy Girl Radio! Kelly will be in town this weekend for our Plus Size Pleasure Seminar. You can listen to our podcast where Kelly talks about Self Esteem and Plus Size Pleasure.

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If you want to join our seminar this Sunday, call us at the store and we can get you on our VIP list.  Tel:  408-264-4227

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Sincerely, Chrystal


If you want to model our lingerie for our website – here are 3 ways you can!

plus-sizelingerie As some of you may know, we are about to embark on a “Go Fund Me” campaign to raise $6,500 to replace most (80%) of our models on our website with our customers in our lingerie. We want to replace MOST of the pictures of the professional models that we get from our lingerie suppliers with pictures of our customers wearing our lingerie. The main reason we want to do it is so that our customers all over the world can see what our lingerie looks like on a “Regular” woman. I know that word “regular” is troublesome to some of us out there, but notice I am not using the word “real.”  All women are real.  When I use the word “regular” I mean women who are NOT professional models. Regular women like you and me. Regular women all over the world sitting in front of their computers just like you and me.

And, we will be inviting our likers and customers to participate in all kinds of ways.

3 Ways to Become a Curvy Girl Cover Girl

1.  You can come to our OPEN MODEL CALL in San Jose which will likely take place the week before Thanksgiving 2014. (Assuming we get funded.)  Watch this space and our Facebook page for more information about out model call. We REALLY want to have women of all sizes, ages, abilities, and ethnicities represented on our website.

2. You can BUY your way into our Curvy Girl Cover Girl program by making a larger donation on our Go Fund Me Campaign. Basically, if you make a $350 donation (or larger) to our forthcoming GO FUND ME campaign, you will get to be one of our Curvy Girl Cover Girls. (You will have to pay your way to San Jose for the photo shoot in our professional photography studio.) We will treat you to pampering, dinner, a professional hair stylist, professional make up artist and 2 pieces of our lingerie for the photo shoot.

3.  You can SEND IN A PHOTO OF YOURSELF in lingerie and apply to become one of our far flung Curvy Girl Cover Girls. We will have some specs around what we need from you with the photograph. For example, we need you to be wearing an item of lingerie that we sell. You can buy it anywhere, but make sure it is something we do sell. You can check our website

We need the photo you submit to have a white background like you see in the examples I have put here on our blog. And, you will need someone to make sure your make up and your hair looks “web ready.”  The photo also needs to be delivered to us via email to with the word “far flung cover girl” in the subject.  We need the resolution to be 880 x 880 (or larger) in a jpeg or png format.


Jeanette in best seller

satin chemise


Curvy Girl Lingerie / Oprah Selfie Challenge


Curvy Girls Rock

I hope you can join us for our Curvy Girl Flash Mob on Sept. 20th at 6pm. We’re having a photo shoot and we want you to print these out and bring them to our Flash Mob. And, if you do not live in San Jose, near our boutique,  print out these OPRAH signs and take a SELFIE with one of the. Post them to our Facebook or our Instagram. Please use the hashtag  #curvygirlchallenge

Don’t you think the quintessential Curvy Girl would just adore our store and our PROUD Curvy Girl movement? I do. She is on a lifelong journey to loving her body and so are we, right?

We would love to invite Oprah and her producer Sheri Salata to our store. We can offer her a very private shopping experience – I would close down the entire store if she wanted to come and shop and check us out. Wouldn’t you?  :)


Oprah, Curvy Girls Rock

curvygirl_oprah5 curvygirl_oprah8

Anyway, join us this Saturday or join us online for the Curvy Girl / Oprah Selfie Challenge! Help us to be “trending” all over Facebook and Instagram this week and all day long on Saturday. Twitter, too. (I am @blissconnection on Twitter.)

Facebook page is and on Instagram we are @curvygirllingerie.

Thanks for all of your support Curvies and the people that love us!

Sincerely, Chrystal

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl