We Won! We Won! In 3 Categories! We Won, Thanks to You!

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Thanks to all of you who VOTED for Curvy Girl, we won in 3 categories! THANK YOU, Y’all!  We won this because you all voted and I am so grateful.  You helped us to win in 3 categories, too.  1.  Best Boutique.  2. Best Gift Shop. 3. Best Facebook page. WOOTWOOT!

Seriously, Curvy Girl is ALL about each of you. And, we won these 3 awards and this honor because of all of you and THANK to all of you. I am so grateful that each of you took the time to vote for us. Thank you so much and next time I see you, remind me I owe you a big Curvy Girl hug!   This is such a fabulous honor and this kind of press really helps an Indie business like mind. I am so grateful!

Muah, Chrystal

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Best Gift Shop, Best Boutique and Best Facebook Page! Thank you!

Do you follow us on Instagram?  We post our lingerie there and have lots of fun. Our Facebook page, we have over 197,000 followers and it’s a fabulous community. Be sure to join us there.



Thanks again, friends. I am so grateful to each of you for all of your support always.


Have You Seen Our TV Show Promo Video? It’s 2 minutes and it’s HOT!

We are hot and heavy editing our episodes now. We have all kinds of opportunities on the horizon. It’s actually going to happen this Fall!  Want to be notified when we have the details for the timing and dates?  Go to www.PlusLifeTV.com and enter your email address and we will send you the info about how you can view our show all about us fat babes, my lingerie / romance boutique and our Curvy Girl community.

Do you follow us on Instagram?

http://Instagram.com/CurvyGirlLingerie and on Facebook we have a community of almost 200K followers.

We are so excited. And, always feel free to call us at the boutique if you are trying to buy our lingerie online and you need some sizing help.  Tel: 408-264-4227

Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon


#pluslifetv  is our hashtag


This Lingerie Video Is A Reminder That Fatness & Sexuality Are Not Mutually Exclusive (Bustle.com)

Fat and Sexy are NOT Mutually Exclusive… but then again, we at Curvy Girl already knew that! Great article from Bustle’s Marie Southard Ospina



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You can see all kinds of sexy, beautiful fat women there.

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