How do you decide which size to buy from our online store?



We get asked that question a lot from our customers who want to shop online. Of course, we opened our store so beautiful women could come to our store and TRY ON the lingerie. And, we know there really aren’t too many plus size lingerie stores around. (We think we may be one of 2 or 3 in the entire country.)

So, though our store was open with the idea that people would be trying on our lingerie in our plus size brick and mortar store, we get tons of calls from people who want to order over the phone or who want to buy online.

It’s so tricky for us to put up a SIZE chart because we carry so many different designers. But, after being open for 1 year, I can give you some tips here.

Curvy Girl Lingerie Sizing Chart (And you can always feel free to call our store at ask for some size advice.  Tel: 408-264-4227)

Generally speaking, when buying online these guidelines should work:

1. If you are buying a bustier or a corset, go by your bra size. If you have not been fitted or measured for a bra in awhile, please grab a taper measurer and measure around your rib cage under you boobs. This will give you a number like 38, 39, 40, 44, 47, 49, 50… and anything in between those numbers.  If you measure at a size 42 then please buy a size 42 bustier. (Our easiest to wear and easiest to size corset. Also our best selling corset)

2. If you have cups that are larger than a size C, you should probably go up to the next size. So if you measure a size 42 around your rib cage but your cups are a D cup or larger, buy the size 44.

3.  When you see something on our website that says “Queen” size – that means approximately up to a size 16/18. If it’s stretchy, then you can be a 16/18 and buy a queen size. If you are tall, it will likely be a shorty. But, queen seems to work VERY well on our customers size 12, 14, and 16. (DG baby doll sample.)

4.  When you see a part number that starts with an “IA” and / or an “x” in front of the SKU, that is a sign that it is made my Intimate Attitudes also sometimes known as Shirley of Hollywood. (You will see this in the SKU description on the product.) What we have noticed with MOST of these products from this designer, is that you can sort of roughly estimate that the 1x = size 18  2x = size 20 3x = size 22  4x = size 24  5x = size 26  6x = 28. (If you are in between those sizes, go UP a size. It does vary a lot on the material used, but this can roughly be your guide.)  Here is an example of an IA baby doll in purple.

5.  When you see a part number that begins with a DG, that is made my the designer DreamGirl. We like that their sizes usually run as a 1x/2x and a 3x/4x. So, if you are a size 18/20 and MAYBE a 22, you can try the 1x/2x.  If you are a size 22/24 and MAYBE a 26, you can buy the 3/4x. This is going to depend a lot on where your curves are and the material the item is made from. Stretchy is more forgiving, so it gives you more leeway.

6.  When you see a product that is made my Coquette, it will have the part number that starts with a “C” and what we have LOVED about the products made my Coquette is that they are cut generously. THANK THE GODS! So they fit many more bodies and many more curves. We have even noticed that their 3/4x will fit our curvies who are maybe a 5/6x.  HOORAY. We love it when a designer cuts generous. (This is an example of a Coquette baby doll.)

That is the basics. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a start. And, like I said, give us a call anytime you want some help with sizes and styles.  Call us at 408-264-4227 and we can help you find a style for your curves.

Have fun shopping!

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