Am I too fat to wear lingerie? HELL NO!

Every few days I get a very sweet phone call and they all almost go the same way. What I think has happened is that some lovely curvy woman out there caught wind of my new store and now they are FROZEN with fear and have no idea what to do.

Their questions start with questions like “so you carry lingerie for bigger women, right?” And I say yes, we carry lingerie from 1x to 6x. So like sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28. (Blog I wrote about WHEN will you finally believe you are beautifulcurvy-girl-lingerie-san-jose.)

And they say something like “well I am like a 3x or 4x and I would really want to keep my lower tummy covered, my upper arms covered and the back part of the tops of my thighs covered, too, because, OMG it’s FAT.”  And I say ok, but what you are describing is like what a burqa might cover up. (Ladies – surrender! Sieze the Day! )

And the woman will go on to share with me “well, my current boyfriend actually really loves all of my rolls and how my thighs and tummy jiggle when we were getting busy, but I really am not comfortable with that and I want to cover it all up.” And then I say something like “ok, so you CAN hear how absurd that is, right?” and we have a giggle.

Apparently it is scary for bigger women to know that they can actually come to my store and actually find a bunch of various sizes and styles and that they may actually FIT. And, they may actually look HOT in the little beautiful pieces of lace and straps. I love the phone calls and I am happy to take them all day long if that means I am one day closer to convincing that woman that she IS beautiful – rolls and folds and all! And, yes, you can buy lingerie, stockings, panties and all kinds of other goodies and wear it with confidence and know you look beautiful.

Trust me. I will tell you when something is not the right style. WE will find the right style for YOUR rolls, folds and curves. I wrote another blog called “When will you FINALLY believe you are beautiful” and this blog marinating in my brain reminded me of another blog I wrote for my other SEX TOY business about “When will you finally LET GO and just have some fun? and I wanted to share those here, too.

No, you are NOT too fat to wear lingerie. You are only too fat to wear lingerie if you have convinced yourself you are. Do you know the number 1 search term for porn downloads is amateur bbw (bbw stands for big beautiful woman).  PEOPLE are PAYING to watch fat women in their porn. What does that tell you? They pay to see these women doing naughty things to themselves online. Confidence is uber sexy. We all know women that are thin and fit and really unattractive.

Now, I am not saying that unhealthy is attractive and we ALL have to know our numbers and think about how much we exercise and how we take care of our bodies. But, I am also saying that if your lover is there naked with you and they are trying to convince you to wear sexy things and do naughty things with the lights on and in the middle of day – they probably LOVE your big ass or whatever is fat on your body. So GO with it. Enjoy your body and the pleasure it is capable of. And, stop by Curvy Girl Lingerie in Willow Glen and try some things on that will make you feel like a million dollar baby!

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Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Resident Curvy Girl and Owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie




  • Jocelyn Livingston

    I am only a 2x, certainly not too fat to wear lingerie, my problem is
    that most plus size lingerie doesn’t cover my boobs (38N!!!) well enough
    to even stay on my body for an hour, much less under a sexy dress for a

    I am coming by your shop this weekend to see what you
    have in stock and see if you have anything near my size. So excited to
    have discovered you guys!!! Nice social media marketing campaign on FB!!

  • Erika Taylor Montgomery

    I LOVE this post Chrystal! Even at my heaviest (almost 400 lbs) I wanted to look sexy and there was NO shop that carried things in my size. I’m so glad Curvy Girl exists to cater to BBW women of all shapes & sizes!

  • Gean Ward

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  • Gean Ward

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  • thumper

    I love all you big sexy woman that are brave to wear it.I love sexy clothes on my big woman. Single 35 180 pounds and would love on you a long time.