Ever see a regular woman in lingerie? Share your pic on our facebook page.


Regular Woman in Lingerie

In case you don’t know me and are not familiar with my store and blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chrystal and I own the 2nd ever Plus Size lingerie store and my store is in San Jose, CA. (Also known as Silicon Valley.)  My store, Curvy Girl, is in the middle of high tech heaven and home to companies like EBay, Adobe, Facebook and Twitter. Not exactly known for SEXY here in San Jose. Sexy technology yes, but not really known for sexy time.

Last October, on 10/11/12, my baby “Curvy Girl Lingerie” was born. Curvy Girl is the only plus size lingerie store on the West Coast and as far as I know, there is only one other plus size lingerie store in the entire U.S. and they are in Philly. (Called Lovelies.) We have been open for 13 months and the past 13 months have been so amazing and way more successful then I forecasted or predicted. I figure it would take me a good three years to get the word out and find my tribe. It happened in about 6 months. Pretty amazing. It’s been so humbling, amazing, fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and about a million other adjectives. Just other worldly satisfying and so much fun.

(Share your pic on our Facebook on our page at www.Facebook.com/CurvyGirlInc )

About a week ago, one of my favorite customers sent me a private message asking if I was comfortable with her posting a picture of herself in her panties and bra on our Curvy Girl secret group. (We have a “secret” Curvy Girl group on Facebook in addition to our “public” Curvy Girl page on Facebook. Our public page is  www.facebook.com/curvygirlinc).  Her exact question/statement:

“There are so many pics of models in lingerie, what about one of us regular chicks??”

Of course, I said YES! For one thing, my customers and Facebook followers ask me all of the time for pics of our lingerie on larger bodies. Many of the lingerie designers show their plus size goodies on thinner models. They are all beautiful, but most of them are a size 12/14 typically. (In the fashion world, anything over a size 4 is considered plus size. I know. It is a big joke.)

My customer’s (we will call her Ms. K)  goal was to show “regular” people what a “regular” woman looks like in lingerie. She wanted to connect with the “regular” people out there in the internet world and show them that for most of us Curvies, we will have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed our babies. And we can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.

Regular Woman in Lingerie

Regular Woman in Lingerie

No PHOTOSHOP. No AIRBRUSHING. No SPRAY ON TAN. Just a woman who is 39 years old. A woman who is a Mom. (A very devoted Mom, I might ad.) A woman who is a daughter. A friend. A woman who works full time while raising her daughter. A woman how has LIVED and LOVED and is still kicking ass and taking names.

Is that the most generous gift you have ever heard of? Not to mention brave and bold and just crazy sexy and full of confidence. So meet Ms. K. Since she has a regular job and a daughter and a life – we are not tagging her or naming her in this blog. But, I have permission from her and my other Curvy customer to show you all what “regular” women look like in lingerie. (There are 2 unique customers pictured here in this blog.)

We all know some people will HATE on these beautiful Curvy Girls. We know people will say mean, nasty things about these beautiful bodies and they still agreed to let me add them to my blog and share on Facebook. And they all signed up to be a part of this campaign. (And you may notice these pics of another one of my favorite customers who participated in our Curvy Girl Fashion Show. Another “regular” woman in lingerie, not photoshopped!)


Regular Woman in Chemis

So here is the challenge. Share your picture of YOU in sexy clothes or lingerie. The only requirement is that you be a size 14 or up. No photoshop. No professional pictures. No nipples. No bush. :)  SHOW THE WORLD what regular women look like when they step into all of their beauty and sexy. You never know who you might touch. Who you might help. Whose life you may change when they see they are NOT the only woman with cellulite, rolls, scars, saggy breasts or stretch marks.

Life is NOT photoshopped.

Thanks you CURVIES! From the bottom of my big, fat, Curvy heart.

Love, Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident of Curvy Girl Lingerie

Tel: 408-264-4227





  • Brittainy Shaw

    I love this, Chrystal! Ms. K’s smile and confidence just radiates from her! She’s so inspiring! I wish I had her confidence. Maybe one day you’ll be posting a picture of me being sexy and happy doing it! Go Ms. K!! Way to pave the way for fellow curvies. You’re sexy as all get out, lady! There’s nothing more sexy to me than a smile and some confidence!

    • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

      Isn’t she gorgeous. Thanks Brittainy.

  • Wendy Anderson

    Could I be added to the secret group as well?? My FB name is Wendy Anderson…… https://www.facebook.com/wendyandersonX4 Thank you. This page is an inspiration to me and many others I know!!! I will get some pics together and email them to you…but would also like my head cut off LOL!!!!!

  • Jessica Porter

    Can I be added to the group. Jess082306@gmail.com

  • Anna Leung

    I’m all for this but it makes me a bit disheartened as you stated only women who are a size 14 and up can post. You mentioned earlier that anything above a size 4 is considered “plus size” in the fashion industry. So I’m not “normal” or “regular” then? :/

    • Cake

      Agreed. I am a 10/12 and am certainly no model. I would like to be included.

      • Christel Sparks

        Why? You aren’t BIG. Your are under the national average which is 12/14. You’re small.

        • M

          But… feeling like you aren’t beautiful affects people of every size. “You should be happy because you have so many choices in clothing” is true, but it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I still stand in a dressing room and cry.

          I came to this page hoping to see all types of bodies–normal, regular unphotoshopped bodies, some that look like mine and some that don’t, in the hope that seeing a variety of body types would make me feel better and less alone. I don’t feel like it’s selfish to want to connect with others who feel the same way.

          • Christel Sparks

            I’m sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind sharing, what causes you such pain? In what way do you feel alone? (You have millions if not billions of people who feel that way from what I can tell.) I was in an abusive relationship when I was young and a size 16. He made me feel like a beached whale. My current husband has seen me gain so much weight after an accident that left me disabled and not able to exercise like I used to before. He makes me feel beautiful, and he is proud to be seen with me because he thinks I’m fantastic. I used to cry in dressing rooms when I was treated badly. Now I get pissed at clothing designers. How can any of us perhaps help you?

          • M

            I appreciate your empathy. <3

            Mainly it's the fact that measurements aren't universal and not all clothing is going to fit everyone–but designers and salespeople don't want you to know that. They want everyone to believe that they can just buy off the rack so that people will keep shopping, and thus many of us are brought up to believe that if you can't walk into any store and buy a "size whatever", there's something wrong with you–nevermind the fact that clothing varies so much that I have two pairs of jeans of vastly different sizes, both of which fit just fine.

            The title is "regular women in lingerie". I was expressing disappointment that it's "regular women of a certain size range in lingerie" instead, that's all. That's not a bad thing, it just didn't seem supportive of the idea that we are ALL regular women.

          • Christel Sparks

            I grab 2 or more of the same thing to try on because even the same item will not fit the same because of how things are made. I think more and more women are understanding it’s not us it’s them. I love holyclothing.com because they give item measurements per item such as armhole, length, bust, waist and hip. You can tell whether or not it will work for you. Otherwise, I don’t order from catalogs unless I get at least a way to return free to a store and prefer free shipping as most clothing won’t work. Clothing shouldn’t be so much work or have a negative emotional effect on us. We need to break free.

          • Why can’t regular be thin?!?

            I thought designers did this to make you believe you are a smaller size while wearing thier clothing line & you will feel better because the tag says a smaller size & you will become more loyal to their company & eventually only buy from them..

          • http://www.hereverycentcounts.com hereverycentcounts

            As a size 10/12, I also don’t qualify for this “curvy girl” status (though I’m certainly closer than you.) I agree that a campaign to show all body types NOT PHOTOSHOPPED is needed – maybe not here – but just in general. No one is completely smooth, and that’s normal. I dislike my body as well, but I also have gotten to the point of accepting it.

          • Mincks

            I agree. I am teeny. Size 0/2. So pelt your tomatoes at me if you want. Otherwise, read on.

            The reality is I am not happy. I hate how narrow and square my hips are. It’s embarrassing. I have a short wait and carry my weight in my midsection (believe it or not, I do have body fat–I’m just petite). The combination of thicker middle and bony hips makes me feel so masculine and gross. I avoid looking in the mirror until I’m clothed and everything is disguised to the best of my ability.

            Being skinny does not automatically make one a model, or even attractive. I am short and oddly proportioned and have no waist to speak of. My face is nothing to write home about either. I read the HuffPo article about this, hoping to see someone who look like me, perhaps? Now I’m disappointed. Once again, I’m being sent a very clear message: I’m not curvy and soft and feminine enough. Same thing over and over again. If you think it’s less damaging and hurtful than being told “you’re not skinny enough,” I hope you’ll reconsider, because it really really is. I came out of this feeling worse than when I started.

        • John

          >> Your are under the national average

          The ‘national average’ is a poor measure. On average, people in the US are overweight

    • silkguitar

      I think you’re missing the point. In the post up there, the owner stated that most lingerie designers show their plus size goodies on thinner models, typically a size 12/14. If you browse the merchandise, you will see it is for larger women. They want to see the merchandise then, on larger women. There already IS representation for lower sizes. What am I missing here?

    • Sarissa

      As far as I know there is no size restrictions when it comes to posting. As for whether or not you are “normal” or “regular” – THAT all depends on who’s definition you use. For me, I choose to judge myself based on MY definition. Which is….I am normal and regular. It’s the rest of the world that isn’t.

    • Christel Sparks

      What size are you? Typically under 14 isn’t truly plus size. They are not talking about the fashion industry standards but real women. When a size 10 or 12 complains to me about being fat unless they are 4 foot tall, I want to smack some sense into them. 14/16/18/20 isn’t even that big in real women. I don’t really consider under 2X to be plus. I’d kill to be that small because it was so much easier to get clothing. If you are under a size 14, what do you have to prove?

      • S

        I think anyone can feel fat, regardless of weight range. And again, anybody can feel inadequate because they have a different body size to most. Negative self-image can come as a result of any weight range and shape, not simply being over a size 14. Discrimination based on body type and size is negative and should not be encouraged. Loving yourself is as good as it gets, and hating others because they are different to you is to worst thing you can do, especially if you experience it yourself.

        • why can’t thin be regar?!?

          AMEN!!! Defiling a woman by calling her not fat enough, too thin, not “regular” or “real” because curvy women are “regular” and “real” is promoting negativity. It is bullying, u supportive of all women, racist, and devalues one’s self image and opinion. That is what is wrong with thus county. Shouldn’t all women be supportive of each other?

    • HelloTygerlily

      Enjoy your skinny privilege and post yourself on a sit where you will be accepted, but our fat asses wouldn’t be. You’ve had your fun, let us have ours, since what we typically get is hate.

      • fatchickkilla

        Hate you so sorely deserve. Hit the treadmill you disgusting waste of space and flesh.

      • Crystal

        Maybe you get hate because you act like an asshole, not because you’re fat.

        • HelloTygerlily

          Yeah, you are right. Fat bashing is all in my fat litlle head. I’ll go put some sweat pants on so I don’t offend the skinny people.

          • Claudia Kay James

            Fat & Skinny is different to everyone. Some people think fat is anything over a size 6, some think it’s anyone bigger than a size 12. I was a 13/14 until recently, now I’m a size 7. It doesn’t matter what size I am. I am offended by anyone who says or does hurtful things to other people. There’s no reason to do that.

          • HelloTygerlily

            Wow, that must be really rough. All the way up to 13/14? Thanks for your empathizing with the fat people. Very noble.

          • mkimbee


            Is… Is this a thing now?

      • Bridgetta

        Tygerlily, I understand where you’re coming from but you talk to/about yourself with such hate. Find the love inside yourself and maybe you’ll find acceptance for yourself as well as women who are in the same boat. I can feel your pain through your words, know that healing begins with first accepting yourself. A good place to begin to grow is NOT putting down other people regardless of their size, regardless of how many people have put you down. Leave the past behind you girl, we can’t go back there! We can only move forward and there are girls from size zero to 30 who feel ashamed of their bodies. This site is a GIFT (thank you Crystal and team, I’m in LOVE with it!!!) treat it with respect, welcome everyone and respect yourself by talking kindly to yourself. YOU are in charge of your happiness! PERIOD!

      • S

        skinny-bashing is as bad as fat-bashing, both are incredibly negative and both results in lasting damage, particularly mentally. Having experienced discrimination based on size yourself, would that not make you more empathetic to others who experience it? despite the fact you may be different sizes?

  • Pumpkin

    Have you thought about selling bras too? I wear a 38JJ and have a heck of a time finding pretty bras that fit without ordering them online from the UK, like bravissimo dot com. Other online stores all show their big cup bras on skinny models with fake bewbs. I want to see what it what the bras will look like on someone like me before I buy!

    • Cake

      Yes! This! I am a 34 DDD but I don’t have those “stand up on their own” fake boobs so it’s really hard to find bras that fit right.

    • BlackCoffeeWithSugar

      I agree that lingerie retailers need to carry a wider variety of sizes to include larger women, and I’d like join in the “Embracing all shapes and sizes” sentiment by pointing out that more range in the other direction is needed as well. I’m a 30C (actually 28C preferably if I can find it), and it’s impossible to find bras with a band size less that 34, sometimes 32, in any mainstream stores, and even at specialty boutiques the majority of styles available in those sizes are “enhanced” with heaps of push up padding and cost $80+.

  • Emmy

    Will you please add me to the secret group? Email: espare87@gmail.com

  • Stephanie Shepard

    So I guess sizes 6-12 are not normal enough? You are either rail thin or shopping in a plus store?

    • Sxrxhx Sxrxbxa

      I know, I’m a 10 :/

    • Michele Gutto

      You guys can shop everywhere – you can walk into any store in any mall and buy anything you would like. That is not the case for us. It is not about normal or regular – it is just this much under-represented group owning our bodies and who we are. We are tired of hiding under baggy clothes and we are ready to show the world who we are. Letting us have out moment does not take anything away from who you are or what you wear. Join us in celebrating being women – we would never say bad things about you. We don’t believe in any type of body shaming – skinny or curvy.

      • fatchickkilla

        If you lose some weight you would be easily able to fit in those clothes. Guess what? You are not the norm and the world doesn’t conform to you, tubby.

    • Sarissa

      You’ve raised a good point, Stephanie. The clothing industry has failed the majority of “real women” – by trying to force us into forcing our bodies into “their” image of what we should look like. For far too long, it has all been geared to trying to sell the smallest possible….now the pendulum swings. Balance would be a nice goal to strive for.

    • Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads

      I agree! I’m in the middle so apparently to thin to be fat and too fat to be thin. Great on the self esteem. I think both fat shaming and skinny shaming are bad. But clearly we are not “real” enough to share here.

  • BriMichelle

    How about we NOT celebrate obesity. What happened to the “healthy” sizes 6-12…it’s all about extremes…I’ll wait for your follow-up post–“Regular” Woman Pose In Lingerie after triple bypass surgery from all the lard in their veins.

    • Andrea Greenwood

      I strongly doubt you know the medical criteria for obesity. A little tip, you usually can’t tell if someone has a medical condition just by looking at them, especially if you’re not a medical professional of any kind.

    • crystal

      I am a size 16 and am not obese by any means just have had 5 pregnancies and large hips. I don’t think anyone is “celebrating obesity here” it is just reality that we aren’t all size 6-12. I am healthy and not heading for triple bypass surgery and for your information I work on a critical care floor where we do a lot of open heart surgery and believe or not a lot of our patients are size 12 or smaller so your facts are just not right.

      • BriMichelle

        Well “believe or not” I am a health care professional and teach classes to overweight pre- diabetic people…you may very well be a size 16 and not obese (although I doubt it…step on a tanita scale and it’s likely that your percentage of body fat is over the 32% cut-off whether you store it in your hips,stomach, or legs). You can be larger than a 12 and not be obese, but That’s not the point–the women she posted are CLEARLY unhealthy. I recommend them put down the Big Mac and hit the treadmill.

        • crystal

          The point being I don’t believe anyone is “celebrating” being overweight or obese just let woman who can’t always find sizes in a regular store be happy that they now have that option and can be comfortable in their bodies like the smaller women.

        • Lola

          Wow, you sure are pretty snippy for someone who supposedly teaches overweight individuals. Maybe its the anonymity of a message board that is giving you the courage to show your ugly attitude, but I sincerely hope your vitriol doesn’t bleed over into your lessons with people trying to take control of their health.

        • Meggle

          What is your certification?

        • NormalWoman

          I would not call your comment above professional by any means! In fact, you need help!!! And remember, what goes around, comes around so be ready for that! Until then, God help you.

          • Karen F

            She also needs grammar lessons. For a professional, you come off very UNprofessional. Keep dreaming honey.

        • Jenny Trout

          How do I sign up for your course on how to be an insufferable a-hole?

          • BriMichelle

            How exactly am I an “a-hole”? By calling people who are fat “fat”? I’m sorry for not following in the charade.

          • Sarissa

            Still wondering why you’re even here.

        • Meggle

          This is what happens when syphilis eats the brain. We see a downward spiral into a chronic psychosis that exhibits delusions of grandeur and narcissistic hate-speech. What a shame, a little Penicillin would have cleared that right up for you.

          • BriMichelle

            Oh call fat people fat and all hell breaks loose…here’s a great idea–accept your fatness. Don’t be in denial about it. Don’t hide behind words like “curvy”. Kim K (although annoying as hell) and Robyn lawley are curvy. These women are just pure fat. They can still love themselves. Aren’t they the ones preaching about “it’s what’s on the inside” and all that jazz? So that translates to “I’m curvy and hot”? No, I’m not on board.

            You can love your body, just don’t be in denial. Accept your fatness. Accept that you are eating more than what your body needs and are lazy.

            Everyone thinks “well I’m just too busy to exercise” but what they really mean is “I’m lazy and want to hide behind excuses.”

            I’m not trying to make anyone hate their body…I’m trying to get them to ACCEPT their bodies/their flaws….once acceptance is achieved, then you can either learn to change or just go on accepting who you REALLY are….fat and all.

            It’s funny how you can call people stupid or many other names, but the moment you bust out the term “fat” (to the people who really are fat) you suddenly are sick/immoral…it’s like “fat” is the ultimate P.C. word now.

          • Meggle

            You clearly have neural defects that inhibit the establishment of cogent, logical discourse. Just because someone is fat, does not mean they are lazy. Many women work (multiple jobs), parent children, manage a house, etc. Many women live in poverty and cannot afford healthy nutritious food for their families. Multiple societal factors are at work pertaining to why obesity is such a widespread problem and is so hard to eradicate. Yes, energy in should equal energy out. But what about people who live in food deserts? Most women would rather buy the can of ravioli from the corner store than watch their child go hungry. You are so, so uneducated and it shows, If you can’t engage in evidence-based debates, then don’t act like you can. Pretty much everyone here can see that you are throwing out opinions, not facts. Just a friendly tip; your lack of upbringing is showing, you might want to cover that up.

            And I like how you assume all these commenters are fat…how do you know, oh Great and Powerful Oz? Just because we are here we are fat? You’re here, are you fat? Just because we disagree with you, we’re fat? I’m betting many of the women and or men commenting on this thread are not fat. You still will not give your credentials or qualifications for being a health educator…so I smell shit.

          • BriMichelle

            Aww fat and sassy, how cute.

            One can a ravioli= 3 apples.

            There’s some “facts” for you.

            Keep up the excuses though!

          • Brandy M Stephens

            Ok I don’t usually get in on this but I know I’m fat, well actually OBESE! That doesn’t mean I’m not pretty or sexy. I used food as a coping device for most of my life. Than I got sick & had a mini stroke, but it still wasn’t enough to make me see the truth. It just got worse a divorce, being widowed after 6 month of marriage and than losing all contact with my step-children. Than about 6 months ago I met a second wonderful man. He had changed his life and I started going to the gym with him it’s been 4 months and no the fat isn’t melting off but my Dr’s is happy with my progress. Most people who are overweight don’t have the money to eat what the need to eat,or have children and would rather see them fed & a can of ravioli is a lot less than 3 apples!. BriMichelle you can say whatever you want but I’ve been to them classes and there is no way you do that PROFESSORIALLY. Your attitude and snide comments lead me to believe you are unhappy with not just your body but your life. If you don’t want to see BIG women showing off what they feel comfortable with…wait for it……………..DON’T COME TO THE SITE!!!

          • Princess Rockefeller

            I am overwhelmed by your mean-spirited cruelty. I don’t even know where to begin with my attempt to process what you have written.

            Firstly, I don’t know where in our society it is acceptable to call people “stupid” or “many other names”. Name calling and shaming is unacceptable and, contrary to the children’s rhyme, hurt way more than broken bones. The effects are also much longer lasting.

            Secondly, you make way more assumptions and generalizations about many individuals which you have no right to make. Every single overweight, or if you prefer: fat, person has a reason as to why they got to that state, and their mental attitudes vary greatly regarding their situation. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I can assure you I attained my fatness via a convoluted swarm of circumstances. This finally resulted in 7 years of extreme depression and I can honestly say having kept myself alive is my greatest accomplishment. It’s sites such as these and the supportive network which brings women/people of similar circumstances together which has a powerful and positive effect which can lead to acceptance and personal growth … which can then support a positive mental attitude which might further result in physical changes.

            Shaming people is sometimes an effective way to obtain results YOU may like, but they’re rarely permanent and most likely result in a positive feedback loop (which does not yield positive effects).

          • BriMichelle

            Wait…I’m not attempting to “shame” anyone…i’m just stating the very obvious fact that these women pictured are unhealthy…

          • Marie Therese Theriault-Ortiz

            There are various studies out there that now show that “fat” women can indeed be healthy – and, that a little extra weight is actually a plus. Assuming that these women are lazy, do not workout, do not eat healthy is just that – an assumption. And, as they say, you know what happens when you ass-u-me?

          • BriMichelle

            I will not deny that “a little extra weight” probably causes no harm (and as you say, may be healthier), however these women are far from “a little extra weight”….they are in the a lot of extra fat range.

          • Lola

            As you said above: “whatever you say, fatty” Yeah. Not trying to shame anyone, are we? Now that you are getting overwhelmed with logical responses from other posters, I see your tone is changing a bit. You are an anonymous idiot trying to get attention- you aren’t changing anyone’s mind with your irrelevant, uneducated and crass comments. You are rude and frankly, you really don’t matter. Don’t waste your time on here. In fact, why don’t you go to a fitness blog and cheer on the healthy individuals there since you hate fat so much.

          • BriMichelle

            “Yay fat people” doesn’t qualify as “logical responses” in my book.

          • Aj Davenport

            I call myself fat all the time. I love my fat body and I care for it by eating healthy and getting exercise. And your words show that you think shaming fat people will help…it won’t. All it does is make you feel better about yourself because you aren’t …gasp fat! Don’t worry it isn’t catching.

          • fatchickkilla


        • Sarissa

          So who teaches the classes to the non-overweight pre diabetic people? Or to the overweight diabetic people? Or to the overweight non-diabetic people with other health issues? Or to the non-overweight diabetic people? And really, how can you teach anything when you are so apparently misinformed about so much? Your “health care” is right on par for back when patients were blamed for ulcers….before it was discovered ulcers were caused by H. Pylori. Stop blaming people, stop judging people.

    • JulieL

      What about the ugliness in your brain? Can you do anything for that?? You’re ridiculously stupid and obviously VERY unhappy with yourself about SOME thing. Get a life!

      • BriMichelle

        I’m actually a really swell person :)…I just don’t like fat people being in-denial (it’s more damaging than someone making them face reality by calling them “fat”). Accept yourself.

        • Wendy Henley Anderson

          Did you just use the word “swell”??? HOLY SHIT!!! LMFAO!!!
          Ok, now that I’ve caught my breath…..I am most certainly NOT in denial about my size; in fact, I’m the first one to call myself “fat”, but I also don’t think I….or anyone else….should be made to feel ashamed of who I am just because you don’t like the way I look! Who are YOU to call me names or make me feel bad about myself? You are not me, you don’t me or my lifestyle, my medical history…..so how dare you spew your hateful attitude at me? I guarantee, I am a MUCH happier person than you are, just because I don’t have such a hateful attitude. I choose to spread positive thoughts even to those whose choices I may not agree with, because they are THEIR choices, and THEY must live with the consequences. If you don’t like fat people, don’t be one, but don’t make those of us that are feel that we are any less deserving of love or feeling beautiful or sexy.
          Now, take that SWELL personality and have a great evening!!!

          • BriMichelle

            Glad I made you laugh, laughing burns calories :)

          • Wendy Henley Anderson

            Wow… whysothreatenedbyus?Howsadtobesuchahateful,meanperson. If that’swhatthinpeoplearelike, I’dratherbefatandhappythanthinandmiserableANYday!!!

          • BriMichelle


        • Tori Crossman

          So you think “fat people” are “in denial” because… because why? Because we’re using the word “curvy” or other words that don’t have the same hateful connotation “fat” does? Or is it because we’re trying to have nice sexy things like skinny people do?

          I would think that one of the first steps in the road to “accepting ourselves” would be to accept that we have the right to have nice things, too. Including lingerie.

        • Aj Davenport

          I do, why can’t you accept that you are a hateful troll who care about nobody but yourself?

    • kittenhasawhip

      Have 4 kids then see how you feel.

    • Kathleen Lynch

      BriMichelle, seriously please just stop. If you want to concern troll do it about something which is not related to clothing which everyone needs. Go do it in a thread that actually relates to health issues.

      I can tell you this from experience, I dropped 27 kilos this year. And I had to learn to love and respect myself first before I was in the right place to take proper care of myself. This type of activity helps people to get healthy by learning to love and respect themselves and deal with their bodies as they are. Getting decent clothing gives people an idea of who they can be.

      The end result of fat shaming people is that they end up severely depressed, eat the wrong foods and avoiding exercise because they think fit folks are all judgmental and nasty. This is not the truth, the fit folk I know have all been lovely and incredibly supportive of me taking care of my health. I am now squatting 70 kilos and deadlifting 50, and that is all down to the help and support of the fit folk I know, not one of which judged me because I wasn’t in good shape.

      If you don’t believe me that fat shaming doesn’t work to help people lose weight, look up the studies. http://www.medicaldaily.com/fat-shaming-doesnt-work-weight-discrimination-makes-overweight-more-obese-248083

      But I am asking you nicely, please don’t do this. Because there will be some young girl probably reading this or more than one, and you will give her the impression that she won’t get help when she tries to take care of her health, and if you genuinely want people to be taking care of their health and dealing with their weight, that is NOT what you want.

  • Peter Herndon

    Well I just lost my appetite. These women are not “curvy” or “regular” in any way, they are all obese, some of them morbidly so.

    I refuse to accept this new “fat acceptance” movement as anything other than what it is, a bunch of lazy cows making excuses and herding together in an attempt to convince themselves that they are not disgusting to look at.

    These people need to eat less, exercise more and stop trying to force the world to change to accommodate their inability to make proper nutritional and exercise related choices.

    • Andrea Greenwood

      Maybe they don’t care what they look like to you.
      I also doubt the owner of this website cares ether, since it’s purpose is to sell lingerie to women, not to provide men with spank fodder. Victoria secret has a website you know, why don’t you go on over there?
      …or, you know, work up the nerve to look at some actual grown-up porn. The internet is just crawling with it!

      • Stephanie Shepard

        This is a redirect from a Huffington Post article. It is also on Buzzfeed. The author and owner of ‘Curvy Girl’ stated in the article about regular looking women in the article. Then states on this article sizes 14 and up. The real criticism is leaving out sizes 6-12 as regular women. Size 4 and under is thin, size 14 is plus. It is one extreme or the other. There are plenty of healthy regular women between those sizes that would help within a better outlook on women’s fashion. Excluding that size range can be just as damaging as fat shaming. I am a size 6 with an athletic body. I don’t resemble models.

        • silkguitar

          There is plenty of representation out there for sizes 6-12, for God’s sake. People will make a huge deal out of just about anything nowadays. Would a size 20 browse Victoria’s Secret websites screaming for big girl representation? I would give her a reality check as well. As an “athletic” size 6, are you really unable to find another site that represents your body type? I also took a quick jaunt through the merchandise on this site–I don’t see anything under 1x. Why would the site represent a body type they don’t cater to? Do you really feel “damaged” by being excluded by one website, the clothing of which are too small for you to ever wear? Really? This isn’t Nobel Laureate work. This is just ONE site for the plus plus size, if you will, trying to give a group that is usually shamed a little confidence boost. Not an exercise of exclusion. There aren’t many out there. I think it’s okay for the 6-12 to not be included in this ONE site.

          • Stephanie Shepard

            ” Why would the site represent a body type they don’t cater to? Do you
            really feel “damaged” by being excluded by one website, the clothing of
            which are too small for you to ever wear?”

            As I stated above, there was an interview and promotion on other sites. That promotion being regular women. Then this article excludes anyone below the size of 14. Size 6 is on the lower end of what is not represented in the media. Most of the women who are commenting are a size 10. I used to be a size 10 and there is little representation for that size. I find it completely condescending that at the mention of my size the claws come out.

          • silkguitar

            Claws? Really? No, this is called discourse. You are more than welcome to be any size you want. You should be proud of your size and the work you’ve done to get there. But I’m all about being real and cutting out the drama–looking for representation on a “curvy girl” website, at a size 6, is silly. To continue to insist that there is no representation out there for size 6 seems disingenuous at best.

        • Seriously?

          Yes, fashion would be better off with the entire range of human bodies
          represented, size very very small to very very large. And it’s also true that women of many body types and sizes, not just 14+ have been fat shamed. But it’s just inaccurate to say that excluding sizes 6-12 from plus size fashion sites is “just as damaging as fat shaming.” I find it hard to believe that you are reading this site and feeling ashamed of your size 6, athletic body, for one thing. Even if there have been a couple of cruel and damaged people who have shamed you for not being a size 2 or 4, it’s not like the daily bombardment that many (I’m going to assume most) fat people experience from the media, friends, family, even strangers. You can go to any store and buy clothes that actually fit. You are not deemed asexual or desperate because of your size. At the end of the day, even if you don’t look like a model in a magazine you are not really excluded-you’re privileged.

          • BriMichelle

            They probably wouldn’t be deemed asexual if they weren’t gross…you can be non-ashamed of your body and happy with it–but just suck it up and realize that you are unhealthy and overweight…don’t be in denial and then you’ll really be empowered. Now say–“I’m fat and ok with it!” http://static.someecards.com/someecards/usercards/MjAxMy00MDdlY2NkYTkyZDA5YWM3.png

          • silkguitar

            I really hope you take that attitude to your healthcare classes. I’m sure they would love to learn from someone who thinks they are asexual and gross. Someone telling them to “put down the big macs”, that they are triple bypass surgeries waiting to happen, that they have lard in their veins, and calling them fatties, etc. Your behavior on this board has been something to watch and something you should be proud to share with your employer. Where do you work again?

          • Lotti

            Whoever created the BriMichelle account was just to bash…no class whatsoever. I agree, this person’s ‘thoughts’ and ‘opinions’ should be shared with their employer. Shame on them. This blog is to empower women…not put them down. As another women, you should be for that…not acting like a Grinch. Please…post on here all your flaws and let’s see how much anyone has to say about them?? How about, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?? SMH

          • silkguitar

            I agree 100%. I’m so glad to see people speaking out against it.

          • Wendy Henley Anderson

            BRAVO silkguitar!!! Will you be my friend? LOL I can’t help but wonder….what will she do if she ever has a child with a weight problem (I know, the thought of her spreading her evil seed scares me, too!!!)???

          • BriMichelle

            My kid wouldn’t be fat. Fatness isn’t “nature” (so to speak), it’s nurture.

          • silkguitar

            LOL thank you, Wendy. What scares me is that you can see from her responses that she still doesn’t get it.

          • Stephanie Shepard

            Athletic, means just that. I work out by lifting weights. My body type is closer to Jennifer Lawrence. In case you have had your head in the sand, the media has been telling her she is fat for the past two years. Despite her portrayal of Katniss in the Hunger Games as being a healthy young girl. Most representation of women that are “healthy” are really thin women that are on fad diets. Even as my body type stands, no it is not represented in fashion. I am 150lbs and stand at 5’7. I have cellulite, I have 5 surgery scars in my stomach, I have weight on my hips and thighs, I have stretch marks from puberty, and I am so white that you can see my veins. The damaging part I was referring to is most models are over 5’7 (Kate Moss being the shortest) and have professionals and money to maintain their looks. Also, I haven’t always been a size 6. While I was in high school and college I was in between sizes 8-12. There were no representation of those sizes. You rarely see models and actresses in that size range. Even worse is being a teenager and all media containing women that are sizes 4 and under. Adding to the problem that most actresses and actors in teen movies and shows are way past teenage years. Usually “teen” movies and shows are casts members with the age range of 21-30.

        • Tattoo’d Mommy

          I read the article in its entirety and took “regular” to mean not “professional models”.

  • Tabitha Jenkins

    Im all for normal women showing there curves, that being said I am a normaal woman at a size 10. I have scars, a tattoo, cellulite, breastfed four babies and lost 150 pounds. Yes i used to way 300 pounds. Yes i had gastric bypass to lose the weight because it was not healthy on ME. I was happy at 300 lbs and I am happy at half of that. I have loose skin that in no way makes me a model for anything. I was ovrrjoyed to hear about this campaign until i read the caveat. Size 14 and over….what happened to this being about normal because all women are normal

  • TJ

    No, let’s be honest about it. This is obesity. It’s not healthy. The fact that we see this everyday, everywhere doesn’t make it OK. America has become a very unhealthy country. Please stop sugarcoating it.

    • Seriously?

      If we’re really being honest, it’s impossible to separate the health risks incurred by excess weight from the health risks incurred from being stigmatized, alienated, and shamed because of excess weight. So you’re not exactly promoting health here, TJ.

      • Biehn_Bandit

        It’s very possible if you don’t insist on being intellectually dishonest in order to defend your shame.

        • Seriously?

          Why would anybody defend shame? It’s not a pleasant emotion. The fact that you disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m being intellectually dishonest. I’m suggesting that we take a more holistic perspective on what it means to be healthy or healthy. For example, let’s say I’m fat and therefore more at risk for heart disease. Ok. What’s another risk factor for heart disease? Stress and anxiety. Incidentally, ALSO a risk factor for obesity. Does discrimination contribute to stress? Yes. Do doctors with your mindset neglect fat patient’s actual health issues to give them a pep talk about the Atkins diet? This happened to me in 2013 when I was trying to ask some questions about bronchitis. (Is Atkins even a thing anymore?) I’m lucky to have a sense of humor and the means to find a new doctor who will have an honest conversation with me about weight AND infectious diseases. But I know this kind of experience makes many fat people avoid the doctor as much as possible (super healthy!)

    • Michele Gutto

      This is not a conversation about obesity, this is a conversation about loving yourself and embracing who you are. I am one of the featured curvy’s, I have a trainer, I work out and I try to eat right but this is the body I have. So should I hide in a closet and just go away because I am not of a “healthy” size? No – I am not going away, I am here and I look pretty good in my lingerie. We are told to wear baggy clothes and hide our rolls. We say no to that – and you know – if you really look close at these pics you see the inner beauty of these women. Look at the smile on the face of the girl in the pink bra & panties – she is the one that helped to start this – how can you not say she is beautiful? Oh and my the way – based on the BMI scale my trainer needs to lose 10 pounds and she finds that ridiculous.

      • BriMichelle

        You do not look good in your lingerie. Working out is only half of the solution…try laying off the doughnuts and Big Macs:)

  • Meggle

    Seriously, just let plus size women have something, one thing, without criticizing them. BriMichelle, I would love to see your medical license. As a health professional, I am sure you know that degrading plus size women is not an effective method to generate behavior change. What’s that? You’re not a health professional? Oh, my mistake; you were speaking with such conviction and certainty that I mistook you for someone with a working knowledge of healthcare.

    Tell you what. I AM a health professional, and the best way to generate behavior change among people is not to slam them online and “wait for a follow-up post” after bariatric surgery. You’re a snotty little troll with a lot of growing up to do. I kind of feel sorry for you, you just showed this whole thread your ignorance.

    Those of you who are upset about this one store not carrying your size should just get over it. Do you know how many lingerie stores cater to women up to size 12? There are two whole stores in this fat-shaming nation that carry lingerie just for bigger women and suddenly you all feel excluded. Get real and be happy that your fellow women can feel beautiful and confident; who knows, with a little self esteem they might just feel empowered enough to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

    • BriMichelle

      If you say so, fatty

      • assratss

        you’re horrible. why are you even here. if you don’t want to celebrate all women of different sizes and try to promote self confidence, you don’t have to come to this site. whats your damage heather?

        • SickenedbyBriM.

          lol BriMichelle – I would rather be 100 pounds over weight than to have your UGLY mind. I pity you.

          • BriMichelle

            You probably are a 100 pounds overweight, who are you kidding?

          • Michele Gutto

            BriMichelle, go look in the mirror right now and tell yourself that you are loved. You must have an awful lot of self hate in you to attack us on here. We are all women – we all have our struggles. let us build eachother up instead of tear eachother down.

          • BriMichelle

            Ohhh…ok, let me jump on the “being extremely overweight is ok” bandwagon……


            Happy now?

          • Sarissa

            Yeah I’m very happy right now. Thanks for asking! Gee…until you did….I thought you were just some troll out to attack others because of your own insecurities and brain-washed idiocies. If you hate what you see here so much, why are you here?

          • Claudia Kay James

            Clearly she gets pleasure hurting others. Sociopath.

          • Aj Davenport

            Bri-take your hate and ugliness and get out of here. We could care less of what you think of fat women. We are not here to conform to your idea of what is beautiful.

          • Are you trolling for bites?

            Let’s just call it what it is… BriMichelle = TROLL Don’t suck up the bait. 😛

          • Claudia Kay James

            You must not have been given enough love as a child to be the way you are now. I feel sorry for you. I will pray for you.

          • Tori Crossman

            So what if they are? You don’t have to like it. Lots of people do. To each their own, and if this sort of thing bothers you how about you stop shoving your face in it?

          • Claudia Kay James

            There’s a thing called Karma. What goes around comes around sister. Just sayin

      • Heather Williams-Stitt

        If you are so educated, you need to go back to manner school. I don’t believe that your bullying Is welcomed. The rest of the women might not be as “educated” as you, but they sure have a lot more class. By the way I was not overweight and i was healthy when I became a diabetic. Just because you are an educator doesn’t mean you are an expert. Right now all you are is some over opinionated fat hating individual that likes the attention of disrespecting total stranger. Congratulation on being such a banter crazed bully. This is a clothing site not a weight loss clinic or health class.

      • Tattoo’d Mommy

        Wow. Really? That is your brilliant response? Glad to see all of that education you claim to have put to good use. Do you get in the face of those you are supposedly teaching and call them fatty? Why would you think its okay to do so on the internet to anyone? Can you not debate without resorting to name calling? That last question was rhetorical, obviously the answer is no. How sad for you.

      • Meggle

        ^ that’s what people say when they have no meritable insult. I could call you a worthless sack of ovaries, but it wouldn’t do any good. It doesn’t give my argument any further credence. People like you are my guilty pleasure, you give me far more entertainment than you can imagine.

      • Meggle

        I am still waiting for your certification. A concise vitae would do, as well.

      • Shawn Parola

        Why so mean? I’m a size 6 for the record, but what I take away from my experience with Chrystal & Curvy Girl is that it’s such a gift to be accepting of where I am right now with my body. Be happy for what it does for me. Also, confidence is a beautiful thing, something I aim for everyday. These pics remind me to keep working toward confidence because it brings peace & acceptance that makes life better. I also believe that no one needs to be told they are fat or unhealthy(or lots of other things), we all know when we are whatever. And, it’s just not nice to point out things you view as negative.

        • Maika

          Shawn what a lovely point of view, thanks for sharing

        • Amanda

          Very well put Shawn!

      • Kris Ti-Ti Alls

        Example of childish outbursts.

        • Claudia Kay James

          Exactly. There must not be anything good on tv. So she came here to entertain herself by upsetting others.

      • Claudia Kay James

        You didn’t seriously say that did you? What are you, five? So judgmental, you must be totally perfect in every way. Well good for you. I think you need to find some place else to play because you don’t belong here.
        Ever heard of a thing called “Feelings”? No I am guessing you haven’t. There is no need to walk all over people because they are over weight. Fat, skinny… we all have feelings.
        How can you sleep at night? Shame on you.

        • fatchickkilla

          The only feeling you know is hungry.

    • hmm

      Congratulations on being a med aide.
      You should know that making girls think that being obese is acceptable is
      unforgivable behavior. You are part of the problem. Attacking people isn’t
      helpful, but neither is this new trend of body acceptance–when you’re
      promoting the acceptance of destructive behavior.

    • fatchickkilla

      Who cares if it doesn’t work? You should feel ashamed for being a hideous eyesore.

      • Michele Gutto

        I feel so sorry for you – what a very hate filled person you must be to take on a name that implies you want to kill women because of their size. How about this, you go and create a web page that shows you – in any outfit of your choice – and we will all go comment on it. We are not afraid to put ourselves out there – we are not hiding behind any hideous name – but you are. So please go on calling us names and passing judgement on us – or thinking we are less of people because we take up more space than you do. Until you are ready to put yourself out there like we are, you are nothing – you are no one – what you say means nothing to us. As a matter of fact I think I am going to go take another picture of myself, this time in my bra and panties instead of a bustier and post it. Hey as I gift to you I will post one every day. Just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean you need to hate on us. Have a great weekend.

    • Mandy Lee Hargraves

      This was nicely put.

      BM, sounds horrible, BTW.

  • Heather Williams-Stitt

    I love what you are doing. You are making women feel good about their bodies. This empowers their will and confidence! The comments from the women “complaining” about the verbiage used about being “regular” is nonsense. Really!?!?!? Shame , shame on them. Help lift others up, not tear them down. Who cares about the size “14” or I’m a size “10”; get over it ladies. If you are under size 16 you can generally find your “fancies” on a department store shelf. Over that, you need to go to specialty stores. Give these ladies with some extra padding some credit. I really don’t value the selfishness of the ” I wasn’t included” attitude. No matter the reasons for being overweight, the women will feel pretty on the outside as they are on the inside. My body isn’t perfect, but my husband loves me anyway; these outfits might help women feel sexy, they way their husband has Been feeling about them for all of those years. YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!!

  • Tattoo’d Mommy

    I would love to see a store like this in the Midwest (Omaha, NE). Ever thought about franchising?

  • K

    Lady in pink featured at the top of this blog: I love that color on you! You are beautiful!

    • BriMichelle

      Let’s be honest–she’s fat and gross.

      • Amber

        You talk about just wanting these women to accept themselves for their fatness?? but you continue to insult…. You are a undercover big girl lover…. otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site… In fact i would bet money your ass is a big girl, you just hate yourself for it and take it out on all of these beautiful women… you have a lot of growing up to do, your insecurities are showing.

  • Landerson

    The title of this really caught my attention. I would love to see regular women in lingerie. How dissapointing and misleading. Where are the “regular” women???

    • BriMichelle

      They got eaten by the fat chicks :(

  • Lori Lolorashel Myers

    It is unfortunate so many trolls are wasting their precious time making rude comments. At least they are giving your site free hits! I have been thin and fat…and loving yourself has nothing to do with your pants size. I applaud the ladies brave enough to show their non-airbrushed bodies on the internet. <3

  • ElaineS

    I have to assume BriMichelle gets off on being a complete
    bitch and bully. Did you cum yet BriMichelle? Once you’re done and all cleaned up, can you explain what is wrong with women wanting to feel good about themselves no matter what size they are?

    • BriMichelle

      Because maybe they shouldn’t “feel good about themselves” when they are fat and clearly have no self-control…maybe they should feel ashamed. No one wants to see your at rolls, cover that nasty up!

      • ElaineS

        Cover up your nasty attitude… but I guess you must do that already in your “health care” profession. You’re a joke!

        • Claudia Kay James

          She’s a professional alright, Professional bitch.

      • Claudia Kay James

        NO self control? Some people are over weight due to medical issues. Not because they have no control.
        Go educate yourself. You are making yourself look really stupid.

  • Crystallee Karsten

    Well wow how did something that let’s us curvy beauties be proud to be how we are bring in such ugly people.we are celebrating each others beauty.why not just let us be us and let you be you.

  • Crystallee Karsten


  • Gymee Lynn Sills

    I am appalled that women are actually bullying each other on a site that is designed to embrace women. Are you kidding me? We don’t want men to put us down or objectify us, but we’re going to bash each other? Put your big girl panties on, ladies, and practice kindness.

    • Claudia Kay James


    • Why can’t thin be regular?!?

      Calling curvy women “regular” implies that thin women are irregular, now that is name calling & bashing. Doesn’t seem very “supportive” to me. Curvy women are common & typical but not regular!!!

      • Michele Gutto

        It does not say only curvy women are regular – don’t read more into than it is. It is about women accepting and loving themselves in their body.

        • Elizabeth

          It does, however, say you have to be size 14 or up to qualify, in the same breath that it says they want pictures from ‘regular’ women. So I’m under size 14 – that doesn’t mean I’m somehow an irregular woman : I applaud everything curvy girl is doing to spread body positivity for larger women but the fact of the matter is… the real triumph will be when NO woman feels excluded.

      • Katy Applegate

        based on what I read about this blog
        (http://www.thegloss.com/2013/11/20/beauty/regular-women-lingerie-campaign-rolls-scars-cellulite-offer-beautiful-change-nsfw/#ixzz2lCmgf651) the usage of the word “regular” is denoting people who are not models (that includes plus sized models who are still famously beautiful) rather than meaning “regular” to be curvy.

      • Katy Applegate

        I was looking on the curvy girl facebook page and found this picture that they posted. Here they are making a point to say that real women are fat and thin, so I do not think they were implying what you thought in their use of the word “regular” (https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/1527789_474620669310999_576460046_n.jpg)

    • K

      Agreed. I think people are getting bogged down in semantics. Men and patriarchal societal expectations do this kind of bashing enough. Let us agree that EVERY shape of woman should be SEEN and recognized as a human and practice kindness and compassion.

  • Missyfloth

    I am so sorry that someone had to try to rain on the parade of women who are embracing themselves for who they are no matter what size. I think BriMichelle is just looking for attention and this was the only way to get it. The best thing to do is ignore the ignorant and continue to celebrate us for us! VIVA LA FLUFFY WOMEN! :) It’s too bad some have a problem with this thread. Oh well. Moving on!

    • BriMichelle

      Viva fatties!!!

    • Alisha Villard

      Your right, that person is, and every other person who feels they should call people fat, as if they don’t already know. I fail to see how standing up for yourself is supporting the donut industry. The only way to win this war is to ignore… Ignore all of the negativity and focus on the task at hand.
      Thanks for the laugh too, Misty.. I liked the “viva la fluffy women”!!! Keep on keeping on with your head held high ladies!!

  • kittenhasawhip

    I love you’re doing. There are some complaints here that “omg sizes 4-12 aren’t represented on this site, how dare you exclude us”, which is such bullhonky. I’m in the 4-12 range, and all of the “plus sized” models I see reflect my body type, and never anything larger. There’s obviously a void. And I’m glad this space is trying to fix that. Thanks so much.

  • Sabrina

    The one disheartening thing about this website was finding less than a handful of women of color among the sea of caucasian faces. Aren’t curvy women of color sexy too?

  • Katy

    I must credit BriMichelle on being one of the most effective trolls I’ve ever seen! She alternates claims of expertise, insults, self justification and grade school level come backs masterfully to achieve maximum awfulness. Nice work, BriMichelle; apparently your vast health knowledge and excessive time spent on chat boards have earned you top troll on this site. Hope the cost of your, eh hem, ‘education’ and the awesome career you must have based on your prolific responses combined with annoying people for ten minutes of their lives equals out to a satisfying experience.

    Ok, everyone else, do you think her come back will be medically-based, self righteous, or a brilliant insult like calling me ‘fatty’?

    • BriMichelle

      Very satisfying :)…We must stop glorifying obesity and trying to make people pretend that obesity isn’t unattractive and unhealthy.

  • Anastasia Elizondo-Lossow

    I don’t think it is putting down the size14 and up to say we who are below 14 are disheartened by not being included. I wrote something about just that thing. I am body positive and am sad when I fit nowhere. http://www.rubenesqueburlesque.com/1/category/ms%20frida%20b933fe3dbb8/1.html

  • MeghanG

    BriMichelle really is fundamentally correct. This campaign isn’t celebrating all kinds of different bodies that fall within the spectrum of healthy…it’s glorifying obesity. You can accept your body, feel sexy, all of those things–and that’s fantastic. But that doesn’t change the fact that these women are obese and unhealthy. Glorifying obese women is no less harmful than glorifying air-brushed models with impossible measurements.

  • AshleyC

    I can’t believe so many people wasted time and effort trying to argue with this BriMichelle person. Her opinion does not matter. She comes from a place of hatred but tells herself she is trying to help people by educating them. It is pointless to response to her because she cannot empathize (you know kinda like serial killers). You don’t need her guidance.Her beliefs are insignificant. What she thinks/writes has no impact on how you view yourself. Ignore her and she will go away.

  • Sherry

    confident women of all sizes! Beautiful. Brave. Thank you for daring to show what real women look like!

  • Jenn Hobart

    Keep doing the amazing work you! I think it is awesome that you are helping women gain confidence.

  • MaryMobley

    Don’t let all the negative people with more time than brains get you down! You’re doing a good thing and you know it! <3

  • Loving life

    Awww… people need to get off their high horse about the “health” thing… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/20/fat-but-fit-fitness-weight-death-risk_n_4305622.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009 :) There is no reason not to love our curves – just like anyone else we need to eat healthy and exercise and we’re just fine. :) :) :)

  • Tori Crossman

    Thank you so much for all of this! I’ve never been able to find anything cute or sexy in my size, and now that I have, my husband will be super pleased <3

  • Aj Davenport

    Women we should be supporting each other. We here every day how we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and worthy. It is a lie sold to us by haters, advertisers and the media to manipulate us into buying crap we don’t need in a futile attempt to make us appealing. We are appealing and don’t need to tear each other down to get that appeal and love. Hugs to all my sisters no matter what their size, shape, race or ability. Be strong!

  • LovelyLabLady

    Why are we fighting with the insulting health care professional again? Ladies, love the skin you’re in. No matter what size, you are beautiful! It’s not about weight, boob size or butt circumference! It’s about your heart.

  • Christel Sparks

    REGARDING TROLLS: DON’T TAKE THE BAIT!!! When you take the bait and engage trolls, you give them power and a platform. You won’t change their minds, but you will end up invested and upset. Best to ignore and just stay positive. You were all being played like fish on a line. Don’t let yourselves be bullied.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    You are just awesome! I believe every woman in the world is beautiful, no matter their size. Thank you so much for showing some curvy girl love!!!

    Check out my page: http://www.facebook.com/diaryofanangryfatgirl

  • http://whosreadingthis.wordpress.com Elke Bernal Bruton

    I’m glad to see the women with the guts to share these photos. Is not just that they feel comfortable in their own skin but they are also doing me a shopping service. And Curvy Girl is actually winning me over by posting them. Any big girl who shops for intimates (or any clothing) knows that just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean it’s going to work on your body type. Most of the online retailers use smaller models, but the reality is that the same outfit in a size 22 usually isn’t fitted to a 22 body type…it just has yards more fabric stuck in the middle. To be able to see women of similar body style, with similar flaws, in an outfit, I can make better judgments about which pieces will work for me. It sucks to only be able to shop in two or three stores because you know the brand and trust the fit. Thanks Curvy Girl. I wouldn’t have known you existed if it hadn’t been for all these haters. PS mean troll bullies: if you think fatties should be punished and not allowed to shop then why are you giving Curvy Girl so much free publicity?

  • ElaineS

    Thanks to CG for giving women size
    12+ the opportunity to feel good about themselves no matter where they are in
    life! Some may be on a weight loss journey, some may not, some may just want
    something pretty to wear in the bedroom. THANK YOU!

  • Shelby

    Just because someone is overweight does not mean they aren’t healthy. And all women are “normal” women. All women are beautiful. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Remember that? We all learned it in what..second grade? Grow up and be mature women. I’m only 18 and I have enough common sense to know that bullying one another over internet is unlady like, rude and disrespectful.

  • Maika

    Curvy Girls Rock

  • Maika

    Ignore people who have nothing useful to say! :)

  • Maika

    I don’t need to appeal to everyone, I’ve got plenty of love just the way I am.

  • WorkBitch

    This campaign is about women. Women loving themselves, regardless of their body type. Small, thin, fat, curvy, whatever. I am a size 2/4 but I am still a “real woman”. Why? Because I embrace who I am and my fellow women. I have had two babies and my body is not the same. I am small, but I am still real. Love yourself and allow other women to love themselves as well. Period.

    • Saphira

      Thank you. To me it’s really nice to see a small sized girl feel that all should be embraced.

  • Maika

    These women are amazing and beautiful and brave. I just hope they don’t need the other people’s comments, they can love themselves with confidence no matter what people say.

  • Maika

    What does it mean to you to love your self just as you are?

  • Maika

    I’m exercising more, walking and biking. I love to swim when I can. I also love to shake my groove thing!

  • Ashley

    Let me start by saying I’m overweight. I’m about a size 20/22 or 2X. And this disgusts me. Being fat is not something we should sugar coat (no pun intended) and accept as “normal” or “regular”. We SHOULD feel shameful about our weight and poor eating habits, and we should strive to change them. Stores shouldn’t have to cater to fat women, and new stores shouldn’t have to open for fat women. Being overweight and unhealthy should not be something that is encouraged and embraced as normal. Do not blame “fat shaming” society for the reason why you can’t find clothes that fit you. Blame yourself for being unhealthy.

    • tiredofjerks

      I don’t believe for a second you’re actually overweight. No we shouldn’t feel shameful about our weight and don’t make assumptions that it’s poor eating habits. Some of us can’t control our weight and we shouldn’t feel like we can’t buy clothing because of it.

      • Ashley

        I’m 5’7″ and 270 pounds. I guess I could post a picture to prove it. Why don’t you think I’m fat? Because I’m not delusional? Because I think being overweight is unacceptable and not a healthy lifestyle? Of course we’re overweight because of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. How else do you become overweight? I have PCOS and know how hard it is to lose weight; however, I’m not going to use that as an excuse as to why I’m fat.

        • tiredofjerks

          Alright well then you explain to me how I can diet and exercise like crazy and NOT lose the weight. No it’s not just because of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Maybe you need to do a little research and get your head out of your ass. There are a lot of things other than poor habits that cause weight issues.

          • Ashley

            Age? Poor diet/exercise methods? Not trying hard enough? Giving up too soon? I’m a biochemistry student, so I do understand that genetics and metabolism play a role in your weight. They will not, however, cause you to be very overweight or obese. If you are above a size 10 or 12, maybe even 14, you are overweight solely because of bad eating habits and/or lack of exercise, or you have something extreme like a large tumor in your stomach. Stop blaming everything else and take responsibility and control of your life/actions.

    • Maika

      I think you are sad.

      • http://impudentgirl.com/ ImpudentGirl

        I totally agree. She also thinks that every other person who doesn’t fit our society’s model of beauty should be sad and hide. Luckily we don’t have to and shouldn’t listen to people like her! Maybe she’s unhealthy but that doesn’t mean every other plus size woman is. I’m TOTALLY unwilling to let myself be brought down to that level, I’m too busy enjoying my life to hide because I’m not a certain size.

        • Ashley

          You can be beautiful and overweight. I never said anything about beauty. You cannot, however, be overweight and healthy. They contradict each other, and if you think otherwise, you’re delusional. You shouldn’t be sad and hide. You should motive yourself to make the decision to become healthy, and stop accepting being unhealthy and overweight as something that is normal. It’s okay to tell a smoker that his bad habits are harmful to his health. Why is it not okay to tell an overweight person the same thing?

          • http://impudentgirl.com/ ImpudentGirl

            I guess my doctor must be delusional too. What with my normal blood pressure and cholesterol and all of those kinds of ACTUAL THINGS that determine health. Also I shouldn’t even have to tell you that because it’s none of your business, but people of a certain size end up having to prove themselves all the time because of people like you. It’s pathetic. I’ll give you some things to read, after that I’m done engaging with you. You can go on being disgusted with yourself, I’m having no part of that ish.



    • silkguitar

      Ashley, I congratulate you on your decision to change your habits–we all strive to be better versions of ourselves each day. Being overweight is not healthy. But this site is not about feeling “shameful.” There are plenty of places for overweight people to feel shamed already. Think about it–if shaming yourself worked, we would all be a size 4. This site is about empowerment. So please don’t call yourself disgusting. I am saddened by the thought of you waking up everyday in a world where you find yourself disgusting. It sounds like you’ve already empowered yourself not to accept your weight and size–that’s wonderful. But I ask that while you are walking your journey, and becoming your better version, that you not hate yourself along the way.

  • afrekete

    Omg! I LOVE this project sooooo many beautiful women to see! My only complaint is that you should have allowed nipples. But seriously though I cant stop looking at this blog! Such a wonderful project!!!!

  • Maika

    What kinds of food nourish you and make you feel good? Some of my recent faves are Sushi, roasted veggies, and broccoli. Yes you can be healthy and curvy. :)

  • Saphira

    Reading this crap out of this girl BriMichelle is just taking me right back to my teenage years. Funny thing, I was extremely active through my childhood, ate well, blah blah and yet I was still called “fat” I started practically starving myself and working out literally for hours every day and guess what I was still called “fat”
    Bri here wants to say that everyone is unhealthy if they’re overweight and that they’re lazy. How about you stop judging people when you have no idea what their lifestyles are? Some people are heavier regardless of diet and exercise. I’ve worked out and dieted time and time again but I’ve never been “skinny”

    Now back then I was a size 13 but I was constantly made fun of and called fat. I hated my body because I was stuck in some in between where I could not find clothes for myself. Everything was too small in the “normal” sections of stores, and everything was too large for me in the plus sections of stores. That made me feel so horrible about myself and yet no matter how much I worked out and dieted I could not lose the weight.

    I just had another baby and I am the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m not proud of it but I shouldn’t feel shamed by people like you because you have some problem with people who are overweight. Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and I support this site and what it’s trying to do 100%. There’s a saying around the web I’ve seen a few times that says “don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you do” I’m sure there are things you do in your life that may be offensive to others. Nobody is perfect. Don’t sit here and give women a bunch of crap because they want to be proud of their bodies and who they are.

    Another saying I always loved when I was a teen “I may be fat but you’re ugly and I can diet.” You are an ugly person. Maybe not physically, but you are an ugly person to sit here and put people down.

    Anyways, all the more power to the women here who have some extra weight and embrace it. I wish I had your courage.

  • Maika

    Thank you Chrystal for opening Curvy Girls and caring so much about us! I feel very lucky that you are so near by.

  • Maika

    I think the ‘regular woman’ idea is wonderful and it has been lovely to see people of all sizes and shapes feeling good about themselves.

  • Maika

    Ignoring the trolls is fun, healthy and damn sexy! If someone doesn’t get us, we need to just move on.

  • Maika

    Who is Brimichelle?

  • Melanie Bowman

    I love this site – I love every single picture! I love that these women feel beautiful and want to share! And I can’t wait to buy my own curvy girl lingerie!

  • Maika

    Guess what I’m not even going to read her posts because they aren’t worth reading. Who cares what she thinks about me. 😀

  • Kris Ti-Ti Alls

    I have had the ultimate pleasure of meeting and conversing with Chrystal. The curvy girl brand is by far one of the most positive SELF acceptance movements known to our community. For those of you who have taken it upon yourself to express your negativity on this blog, I want you to take a moment and consider your reasons for needing to unleash your hateful discontent for people who simply choose to accept and love themselves regardless of their size. Is it so hard to comprehend because YOU cannot be happy with YOURSELF? The things you say reflect more on you, than the do on the people you are attempting to insult and belittle. Check yourself and your relentless need to demean others at the door. Go somewhere else with your self disgust and self loathing opinion. There is NOTHING wrong with being sexy at ANY size.

    • Maika

      Kris I totally agree Chrystal is amazing and the nicest person I’ve met in a long time. I’m so glad she opened Curvy Girls!!!

      • Kris Ti-Ti Alls

        It’s unfortunate that people PUBLICALLY try to humiliate, chastise and ultimately demean people of size. Get over yourself and stop spreading that negativity.

        • Maika

          So true Kris. I guess I just feel that the more we engage them the more empowered they feel because we are paying attention to them. Honestly I haven’t read more than a sentence of what those trolls wrote because they weren’t worth my time. KWIM?

          • fatchickkilla

            I don’t need you to pay attention to me. I just need other, regular thin people to. And you have no idea how easy it is to turn them against your bullshit fat logic. Fucking love every minute of it.

        • fatchickkilla

          Nope. I will indoctrinate as many people as I can against your fat logic. Obesity needs to be eliminated at all costs. It’s just unfortunate that Hitler hated Jews and et al. instead of fatties. I don’t think anyone would have tried to stop him in that case.

    • fatchickkilla

      Fat is disgusting. There needs to be no other reasoning. If I had my way, there would be no fat people left on this planet.

  • Maika


  • Moureen Conyers

    Such an inspiration to ALL women!!

  • Shana Ofenizabich

    did your mom ever teach you …”if you have nothing nice to say then keep quiet” well…. if you dont like big girls or want to spread some hate and add to the body shame problem we already have in huge numbers… start your own damn page and say what you like… dont come here and do it.! the fact that you are so filled with hate is a sad sad thing. Ya know what I dont like…. bullies that sit behind a computer talking smack about other people….we are all human.. we all have feelings… how about i walk up to your skinny ass and tell you how ugly you are because I can see your ribs….. how about drop the damn hate… and embrace the fact that we are all unique beings and kindness goes way farther in encouraging someone to be healthy…. and by the way… you can have curves and be healthy… so… unless you have a nice thing to say here… move alone and take your hate to another place…… like your dark black empty spot, where your heart should be.

  • Kris Goosby

    First i think. This is a lovely. Wonderful page. Glad i came across it. And that i have. True admiration for curvy thick women. Not afraid. To embrace themselves. In a true fashioned matter. I love them. It’s preference. Love it or not. And that’s that.

  • Maika

    So I was listening to NPR today and they were interviewing someone about how eating a handful of nuts 5-7 days a week seems to reduce heart disease and heart attack by about 20%. This was true for men, women, fat people, thin people, inbetween people and people of different races. There are many measures of health besides weight, and there are many ways for larger people to be healthier besides loosing weight. Regular exercise, nutrition and feeling good about themselves. Thank you Chrystal for contributing to ‘feeling good’ portion of life. :)

  • Maika

    Curvy Girl Rocks

  • LoveOfLife

    Soooo this Brimichelle person has gotten way more attention than they deserve – it’s obvious to me because they (he or she) keeps coming back for more hate spewing. There’s always gonna be one in the crowd. Curvy Girl Lingerie is setting just one -albeit monumental-example of pure acceptance of our bodies. If you can’t take it, well, I feel a little sorry for you because this is just the beginning! Why else would this topic and these pictures be spreading like wildfire all over the internet and now to national…if not already GLOBAL TV coverage? Face the reality that this is pure beauty….accept it and then move on with your life.

  • Maika

    So I wonder what would happen if all the curvy girls and allies agreed to completely ignore the trolls and to just post positive and supportive comments about each other instead?

  • Sid Cole

    Great job Crystal. Everyone should get to feel good about themselves.

  • Maika

    Chrystal I think there would be something to gain by increasing the ‘regular woman’ definition to women of all sizes. Although the fashion industry does include thin women, they are photo shopped mercilessly too. Also I know many thin women who struggle with body issues, stretch marks, sags etc. I like including all positive response and support.

  • Maika

    Chrystal I am so inspired by your energy, your hard work and your passion. You are amazing and I really look up to you. I hope I can chase my own dreams with the same strength, endurance and passion!

  • Sad to see

    All this negativity I see just makes me angry and yes I’ll admit that and deal with the trolls. Did any of you people who want to sit here and shame all the over weight women ever think that maybe, just maybe people being so hurtful towards them isn’t helping them in any way? Someone who is happier and in a better mindset is more likely to make better choices such as eating better and exercising. When you make someone feel like shit they’re more likely to fall into poor habits. I don’t want to hear what you did and how feeling ashamed should motivate or whatever. The fact of the matter is EVERYONE is different. Everyone handles themselves different. For me being put down doesn’t help me want to change it depresses me more and more and makes me not want to even face the world. Yeah I’m not as strong as some people out there and it’s not fair to constantly be kicked down. I didn’t choose for the things that have happened to me to happen and I’m not going to get into super personal details here. But seriously all you people being negative about this need to just back off and leave the people here alone.

  • Sonja

    I haven’t read all the comments, but i don’t feel like the goal of the original post is to hate on any size. I feel like its a sort of hey, you don’t have to be a particular size to feel good in lingerie. To me, it feels like a ‘you deserve to feel good in lingerie regardless of your size’ sort of thing. More than that though, i feel like the implication is that all women deserve to be happy in their bodies. Regardless of size or lifestyle. I refuse to feel like a lesser being because I work out than someone else. My life is different than yours. Your life is different than mine. If everyone’s life was the same it would be really, really, boring.

  • Maika

    Do you know what makes me feel sexy,(besides Curvy Girl Lingerie of course) being healthy. Yes being my size, which might be larger than average, but is normal for me and being healthy. I don’t feel ashamed of my life or my choices. I take care of myself and do my best and get to enjoy my life and my body. I don’t need anyone else to approve of me. :) Instead I have people who love me, who lust after me, who care for me, who support me and celebrate me. I’m a very lucky person. I hope everyone else can feel this way too, because being loved and respected feels pretty damn good. Guess what you don’t have to be a certain way to be loved.

  • Glo ForMe

    It’s amazing what you have accomplished in just 13 months Crystal and Curvy Girl Lingerie! I am so ecstatic that I read about you on FB. Curvy Girl is so much more than just a lingerie store. It’s a place to gather w girl friends, share experiences, learn new things, have fun and celebrate life! You make me feel so special, sexy and confident! I love what you do….from the wine ed to the sex ed classes! You help the community too!.From helping not only raise awareness about breast cancer, but to having a fundraiser, to helping a family who was burned out of their home, to collecting items for domestic violence victims AND SO MUCH MORE! I just think of all the lives you have changed. All the relationships you have helped. All the good you continue to do! It’s really unbelievable that the haters put so much energy into this site. She isn’t worth the time or energy. How can she sleep w herself at night….or maybe she does just that. Little does she know you have great toys too! Which leads me to say that you sell so much more ….from the sexy high heels to the Incredibly comfy Kixies, to the fabulous “Sexy isn’t a Size!” Tees, to the insightful books, to the lovely cosmetic and larger bags, to the lotions and SO MUCH MORE!!!! BTW I love the sexy lingerie….so many lovely chemises, bustiers, and other beautiful pieces!….and so does my ♥. Thanks for what you have done for me! ♥ A CURVY GIRL!

  • Cdimiceli

    I was a “big girl” as society deems those size 14 and up…Just because I have lost weight does not make me any better then someone. First of all -if you have an ugly heart (which apparently these hate-mongers do on here, you can’t change that)
    I WISH I had a support group of such wonderful and confident women in my life when I was struggling to come into my own as a woman, and be comfortable with ALL of me! Better yet to have someone like Chrystal to guide me and help me through such a judge mental and bitter reality(oh that’s life and the ridiculous standards set by society) that if you’re big you’re not beautiful! BULLSH*T
    And who is anyone to judge another person -before you open your mouth consider you don’t know ANYTHING so it’s best to not ASSUME (we know what happens when people do that)
    Besides YOU can’t hate on someone for LOVING themselves
    That understanding and inner peace allows you to be so comfortable in your own skin; you’re able to allow someone else to really love you and see everything about you! Apparently people with nothing better to do then spew hate -I won’t judge you just feel sorry that you have no ability to use perspective, no real love in your heart and even though you’re not plus size I’m sure you have something that society could make a judgement about -so before you open your mouth again -you better check your GLASS HouSE
    I know this -I continually love to see the posts on FB, the blog and all the wonderful and supportive talks in the Curvy Girl community! You all rock!!!

    • Maika

      Thanks for sharing this.

  • Maika

    Glo ForMe you are so right! I can’t believe how much Chrystal has done this last year and there is so much more amazing to come. Aren’t we lucky?

  • JustBea

    Women are beautiful, period. Being able to show yourself in lingerie whether you are a 2 or a 22 is not about health, it’s about confidence and I applaud these women for having it. It’s not about saying, “I am fat, get used to it!”; it’s about saying “I’m a person, get used to it.”

    I’m not a number, a piece of fruit (apple, pear), a clothes hanger, arm candy, an accessory. I’m a woman, a human, a worker, a daughter, a nut, a lace enthusiast, someone who knows that life is good and worth living regardless of what size underwear I’m wearing. I’m someone who can stand up and love my curves and let complete strangers on the Internet know that I’m so much more than a number on the scale or a supposed “ideal.” I just am, and you should be too.

    People (who shall remain unnamed as why waste any more time) who spend their days fat shaming, and angrily trying to “inform” others, and making ridiculous blanket judgements (“fat people are lazy!”) spend their nights judging themselves, not measuring up, and desperately hoping that they are thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, enough-enough for someone to care about.

    I might be a little thicker around the middle than I like but you know what? Life happens. I’m healthy, I’m happy, and I refuse to let anyone tell me I’m less of a person just because I’m a little bit more.

    • Maika

      Shelby you are awesome! I couldn’t have said it better!

    • minxie

      I love what you wrote here, you say it so much better then I can. Thank you!

    • http://impudentgirl.com/ ImpudentGirl


    • Peter Herndon

      Incorrect, fat women are disgusting to look at and I for one am sick and tired of the piglets pushing their fat agenda in our faces. You want to pretend that being overweight is not unhealthy? Fine lie to yourselves all you want, but at least have the decent to do it behind close doors and with your clothes on.

      • HelloTygerlily

        If you don’t like it, don’t look. Otherwise, STFU.

        • fatchickkilla

          We try not to look but you try and not notice something that could easily eclipse the sun walking around. Then on top of that they want to show off their bodies.

          Absolutely revolting.

  • aly j

    You are truly an inspiration to us all girlfriend!! Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Melissa R Lang McGinn

    These sites are not meant to discuss fat women. They are meant to give confidence to all women with imperfections. We all have some part of our bodies that we don’t like big or small but we all like to feel like a woman in beautiful clothes.

    • Claudia Kay James

      Agreed! :)

    • April Harrington


  • http://janetfouts.com Janet Fouts

    please stop feeding the troll.It’s her problem that she’s small minded…oops. Fed her again…
    OK, deep breath. Women are all different sizes and shapes and we are all beautiful in our own ways. Let’s talk about that instead.

  • http://impudentgirl.com/ ImpudentGirl

    Keep it up!!! This is amazing and I know that there are so many women who see this and are inspired to love themselves in the skin they’re in, regardless of their size. Oh, and to all of the women who have sent their pictures or are going to, or who are just going to put on some lingerie to look hot while you go about your business…you’re awesome, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Jackie Smits Pillai

    Reading through some of these comments, I am amazed and ashamed to see how many hateful responses there are. Quite honestly, who gives a crap if you are fat, skinny, purple, green, Democrat or Republican? The point is we should accept ourselves for what we are. If you don’t like bigger women in lingerie then just don’t go to this site. It really is that easy. No need to post rude comments or be hurtful. It just makes you look spiteful and mean. If insulting people makes you feel better about yourself, then you have more issues than them. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? OMG! What’s wrong with you? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? Well, that’s how ridiculous you sound with your hateful comments on this site. Yes, it’s the same thing. Yes, it’s just as stupid. Time to grow up people! Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you judge others. I applaud those that have come to terms with who they are! Please don’t let the small-minded affect you.

  • April Harrington

    Everyone deserves love and is loved by someone wether they know it or not. There will always be rude people making fun of someone different than them to make themselves feel better. No one is asking anyone to up on a band wagon that being over weight is healthy but we are asking for everyone to be accepting of the skin your in. Most of us have worked out and dieted and still haven’t lost any weight. We all know it is unhealthy and harder to move around and at 380 I can say I know 1st hand…but that doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone feel bad about it. I WEAR a FATKINI and I WEAR NIGHTIES and MEN and WOMEN think I’M SEXY. So if you don’t like it don’t look cause I’m here to stand up for all shapes and all sizes. Not one size is right and when we realize we are causing bigger issues in people maybe we can rethink the words coming out of our mouths. FAT GIRL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and PLEASE DON’T LET WORDS HURT YOU!! FAT ISN’T A BAD WORD! EMBRACE YOU SIZE AND LOVE YOURSELF!

    • Claudia Kay James


    • silkguitar

      YOU GO!!!!!!

  • Claudia Kay James

    After reading a lot of this blog, I suddenly remembered something. Way back when Anna Nicole Smith was a big girl I heard people saying “Oh my god she’s so fat and gross looking” Well the comments actually got pretty mean about her. Then after she lost weight the same people were saying “Oh my god she probably pukes to lose weight” “Oh she’s probably on even harder drugs” “She looks like a trashy slut” “She’s too skinny” My point is, NO matter what you look like and no matter how hard you try to change there will always be haters. People to tear you down to make themselves feel better. I don’t understand why they do this, how they can sleep at night. But I say just be who you are. Fat, thin, white, black, whatever… Once you can accept who you are and love yourself everyone else will either love you too or hate you but who cares what they think anyway. This is YOUR life and life is too short to spend all of your time worrying. So just be happy!
    Love to you all! We’re all sisters. <3 Love will prevail, hate will fail.

  • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

    BriMichelle has been banned. I deleted her hateful bullshit. I just love how concerned she is about all of our health. I think someone called it – total sociopath. SO buh bye BriMichelle

    • Claudia Kay James

      LOL Yep. Well she is. <3 Glad you banned her. She can go find someone else to torture now. Oh dear now I feel bad for whoever that will be. Ughhhh

      • fatchickkilla

        I’m not BriMichelle but try and ban me and see how fast I can come back.

        Lesson #1, there are no safe spaces on the internet. It’s a delusion that I seek to shatter as often as I can. See you around tubby.

    • fatchickkilla

      Can’t handle a little truth you disgusting slam pig?

      I sincerely hope that you are murdered in horrible fashion by some obsessed fatty lover.

    • Alisha Villard

      YAY!!!! Phew, that was way too much ignorance for one blog!

  • Johnathan Wright

    These women are amazing. Strong, beautiful, natural. Why would anyone not be attracted to that? If fat girls aren’t your thing, that’s cool. But don’t rain on their parade. I don’t dig girls whose bones are visible through their skin, but I’m not about to bag on them.
    Health and beauty, at any size!!!

    • Claudia Kay James


  • Heather Hughes

    Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of the reason. What Crystal’s doing isn’t hurting anyone. It is empowering. Trolls will troll and try to make others feel worse about themselves. It speaks of insecurity and self loathing. Yes, you may think I am unhealthy because I am heavy, curvy, fat, pick an adjective. You may see me as gross, or nasty. That is your opinion, and it doesn’t matter to me. I have love, happiness, friends, family, support and acceptance. It may not be from you, internet troll, but then again, when did I ask for your approval? It is neither required or needed to make me love me, and to love my fellow curvies. I would rather be loving and spread a message of love and understanding, than sit online and spew hate speak. Go ahead, try being positive for once. You may end up liking yourself a lot more. Go Curvy Girl, and thank you!

  • Laura R.

    My my my. You know, being healthy is a lot like being religious. It’s just not my place to judge the choices other people make. It doesn’t matter to me whether people are thin or fat, male or female, healthy or not, Buddhist or Christian, black or white, young or old, tall or short, sane or not, or whatever other “flavor” we come in. What matters is the kind of human being you are. Whether you exist to make the world a better place by sharing a smile and lending a hand, or are just doling out hateful nonsense until your time here ends. I wear a size 18, and I am healthy. There are things about my body I work on. Because it feels good to me and not because of what anyone else thinks of the skin I’m in. Some people don’t find me attractive, and that’s ok. It doesn’t make me less beautiful. Just means I’m not for them. So if fat is not attractive to you, no big deal. Just move on. But don’t think for a minute that your opinion is reality. The real issue isn’t why I’m fat, it’s why others feel it’s their right and obligation to tell me I’m not beautiful because I don’t fit their mold. Sigh…

  • Andrea

    Curvy Girls Rock!

  • Meg

    Sexy is a state of mind not a stereotyped size! Curvy girls are sexy too! Keep up the good work spreading body image and sexuality confidence!

  • Kevin

    These women are beautiful and sexy. The human body and spirit shines through. Awesome job ladies. Nice job and courageous women!

  • Sofia

    Chrystal …what you are doing if phenomenal. My mother has been plus size most of her life. She made her own clothes for many years so that she could wear something fashionable and feel good. What this store must do for the confidence of so many women is amazing! Keep up the good work..and all you bullies..go away.

  • Nicole Wheeler

    All i have to say t the haters and Assholes is get a life. Just because we jave found a store and a Amazing Woman to help us show our All Shapes And Sizes of Sexy! We are everyday women and if you might get your head out of your ass you would find that the lil extra meat i have my man loves. Im no size 0-12 im a dead sexy curvy 16. I have Boobs,Hips and Booty and i love it all because it mine. i feel the only reason you are hating on us is because you are unhappy wit yourself. So Kudos to my Curvy Idol!! for making me and my mans sex life even better just becuase im able to get sexy things to dress up with and love myself even more. WE ARE WE ARE. CURVY GIRLS OF THE NATION AND WONT BE KNOCKED DOWN BY YOUR LAME HATE FOR OUR LOVE OF BODIES !

  • A’ndrea

    It is nice to see a company that helps women to feel sexy and beautiful! No matter your size, age, lifestyle, or situation, you deserve to feel great about yourself!

  • Linda Hein

    This is a positive blog and people that don’t think these women are beautiful can go read other blogs. Plus size doesn’t appeal to everyone just like rail thin doesn’t appeal to everyone. Plus sized clothes are hard to find and especially cute lingerie. Keep your negative posts to yourself and let’s keep this a happy place…..

    • fatchickkilla

      How about I’ll do that if you keep your fat ass inside where I never have to witness your disgusting rolls again.

  • fatchickkilla

    Let me be clear. Nobody aside from yourselves and chubby chasers want to see you in lingerie. What we normal people want is to see people we find appealing and quite frankly the sight of you ham beasts disgusts us.

  • TheGrimReaper

    Please, people. Continue to eat more than is necessary and refrain from exercise! I would seriously love it if every person was extremely overweight and unhealthy! Please, for the love of Death, continue to have horrible eating / behavioural issues! Because I really need to devour some more lives and rid the world of ignorant, uneducated human beings!

    • fatchickkilla

      I think you’re good. They won’t realise the error of their ways until the moment before they get smoked by a bus because they were too busy stuffing a sandwich in their craw to look both ways before crossing the street.

  • Busty_Lusty_Lizzy

    I work as an online Cam Girl (live web sex model) ~ I wear a size 12/14, I have cellulite, I have stretch marks, my boobs are big, so guess what? NOT Perky! But you know what I have learned doing this??? I am just as sexy and desirable as any woman, tiny, big or in between. I see tons of sexy, fit, porn-star-esque girls on the site I work on all the time, and at first that was really intimidating. I quickly discovered that there are tons of men that want a girl with some meat on her bones, confidence and sexuality!! It has NOTHING to do with your size.

    And I LOVE what this boutique is doing, It’s AWESOME and all of these women are GORGEOUS and Sexy and try not to blush…..I can promise you..plenty of men are quite thrilled you’re posting <3 (Take it as a compliment ladies! =D)
    I love being a little meaty, I blush when my husband grabs my love handles, and like all women…..work the angle of the camera and suck in! But I love my body and I hope this campaign helps more women feel confident in their own skin.

    But I think more women should worry less about photo shop, diets, gyms and idealism and find their own sexiness.

    ~Don't be afraid to be sexy; because you already are~

  • Sivvus

    What does being a size 14 have to do with being ‘normal’ in the ways you mentioned? I mean, I’m permanently scarred, which is one of the things you mentioned is not typically featured on these shoots. But I’m a UK size 8 (US 4-6). So I guess I’m not normal?

    • IHateFatChicks

      No, you’re height/weight appropriate and NOT fat.

  • Denise Elizabeth Byron

    You, your site, your stores, and your blog are amazing! Celebrating beauty has nothing to do with size and you are proving this to us each and every day. Thank you!!

  • Beccababez

    Can us lovely UK Ladies join in? Dont know it its been asked before but I’ve been following for a while now and I’m feeling empowered :)

  • Bridgetta

    These women are beautiful and BRAVE! I don’t care what size you are, if you can take a photo of yourself in your chones, amen to you!! <3 Go girls, you rock it well!! Love this community, so glad I stumbled across it ; )

    • Mali Kurac

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a guy and I’m on the skinny side but I do understand being too ashamed to wear a particular type of clothing. I always refused to wear speedos even though it meant I couldn’t do stuff like try out for the swim team and had to butt heads with the gym coach trying to avoid any exercise that would require me to shower afterwards. The reason being that I’m really poorly endowed. Something that’s very noticeable in a speedo. So, bravo to these women for strutting their stuff.

  • Claudia Kay James

    Wow, a lot of people are just flat out hateful and judgmental. Bashing each other does no good. I think I’m done here. I don’t need the added stress. Maybe when people can grow up and stop being cruel to one another I’ll come back.

  • OwnIt

    STOP calling yourselves ”cury”… Fat rolls and large guts/butts don’t count as curves. You’re fat! … and you’re fat because you’re lazy… with poor eating habits and zero will power.

  • KM

    Well….I would say that if you are healthy than whatever size you are is amazing!! The growing obesity problem in the US is astounding and making it okay to be obese isn’t helping. All of us come in different shapes and sizes so striving to be a size 0 to whatever isn’t what you should be doing. You should be aiming for fit and healthy. Eating healthy, whole foods in the proper proportions, i.e.. no bigger than your fist, and small meals 5- 6 times a day versus 3 large meals, not eating so much junk food and fast food, cutting out the alcohol and soft drinks (especially diet drinks which have been shown in studies to actually increase weight) and exercising! If you have enough time to be on social media or watch TV or talk on the phone than you have plenty of time to exercise. If you’re injured or unable to exercise than cut your calories! My husband lost 20 lbs. in 3 months from changing what he eats in the morning!! No exercise! I’ve given birth twice and breastfed both my babies and I am healthier than I’ve been in my entire life because I take the time to eat properly and exercise! I’m not fat shaming anyone but don’t you want to be the healthiest you can be for your family? I want to be able to take my kids to the park and run with them without feeling out of breath or tired. Don’t you want to be around for your family without diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and reproductive problems? Obesity problems cause us over $190 million in healthcare related costs EACH YEAR!!! Being beautiful is about being healthy…not a certain clothing size!

    • Erational

      Please don’t use this page to spew myths about weight and health. Healthy eating and physical activity are good for everybody’s wellbeing, but won’t make naturally fat people thin. Plenty of very fat people eat well and exercise, but will never be any thinner than they are now. Being fat doesn’t cause health problems for most people, but these sorts of myths DO cause fat people to be unable to access healthcare and other lifestyle tools (gyms, etc) that would allow them to enjoy more-vibrant health. Please stop coupling discussions of weight with discussions of health!

  • Ashely

    I am Asian, and a size 10. In ‘asian standards’ (or shallow, narrow-minded people’s standards), I am considered above average, size-wise. I got hit by mean “why are you so fat” remarks in the past, and used to be really affected by it. Subsequently, I decided to aim for healthy, instead of just looking the part. I started working out, and eating healthier (NOTE: not
    lesser). I am still the same size as before, but I FEEL healthier and FEEL better about MY OWN PERCEPTION OF MY BODY. Because I am now self-assured, I stopped giving a fuck about what others perceive about me – stopped asking people whether “DO I LOOK FAT?” or “DID I GAIN WEIGHT?”, and I noticed that people stopped saying things about my body too.

    Bottom-line, how others perceive your body is influenced by how
    you perceive your OWN BODY. Stop giving them a chance to bring you down. And mostimportantly, plus-sized or small-built, it doesn’t matter unless you are HEALTHY. Skinny and obesity are both NOT HEALTHY – and that’s what we should start advocating.

  • Graham Clark

    _’She wanted to connect with the “regular” people out there in the internet world and show them that for most of us Curvies, we will have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed our babies. And we can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.’_

    ^ This was obviously written with the best of intentions. But the word “still” implies that women with rolls, bumps, etc are beautiful IN SPITE OF these features – as opposed to affirming that there are more kinds of beauty than are dreamed of in Karl Lagerfeld’s philosophy – which somewhat defeats the point.

  • Astrid

    This is gross. You aren’t a regular girl, you are an overweight one, who is wearing about 2 sizes too small.

  • commentor

    Bodies are beautiful in their natural form, which happens to be different for each individual person. Its not about being skinny or fat, its about loving yourself and being kind to yourself. At this point, it is important to draw a line about being healthy and being unhealthy. The right weight range is different for every person and you should consult a certified health practitioner about what is best you, rather then focussing on appearance and what you perceive to be best. Being incredibly underweight or incredibly obese will both produce lasting health problems, and will lead to a reduced life expectancy. Taking into account your happiness factor and the people in your life, it should be a choice that you make to be healthy in order to improve your own quality of life, and to be around for people you love. Often something like this can be seen as skinny-bashing or fat-bashing, but its not appearance focussed or based on societal values. Its about living healthily and enjoying life to its full potential. Rather than creating a divide between “skinny” and “fat”, we should all come together to appreciate and love our bodies, and do what is right according to them, which means providing it with adequate nutrients and completing moderate exercise on a regular basis to release endorphins, making us happier and more alert. Thankyou ladies for being so passionate about what it means to be you, and to be healthy.

  • AD

    Personally, I think everyone who doesn’t have their photo edited is normal and regular.
    We are all human, so unless someone literally has had their body made in a factory to be of what society sees as ‘perfect’, then I like to assume we are all pretty normal.

  • Jake

    This looks a little like an advertisement for heart disease and type ii diabetes. It’s fine to love yourself, but this borders on making morbid obesity something to be celebrated.

  • FitnessModel

    I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in the comments down below. I came to educate myself and read an article regarding the struggles of plus-size women, and it seems like instead of discussing the important inequality issues, most of you have been reduced to squabbling and name-calling. Shame.

    • Pookie

      I feel the same way. It’s a waste of time.

  • Yvonne Constante Hand

    So I’m not a regular woman because I’m not a size 14 and up? I used to be a size 16 and had to change my lifestyle to avoid being on meds for the rest of my life. I’ve had 2 babies via c section /breastfed them both past the age of 2. My size 10 body is not perfect , but it is 100% natural. Im not skinny or slender by any means, and I love my curves! Why should I be excluded?!

  • Pingback: “What’s Your Excuse?” fit mom gets suspended from Facebook for “hate speech,” “fat-shaming” - Citizens News

  • Why cant thin be regular?!

    I find it offensive that these are “regular women” why is it ok to classify me as not being ” regular” because I am a size 2? Curvy women do not have the right to bash naturally thin women, such as calling us not “regular” or not “real” or by saying men like meat & dogs like bones. There is nothing about being curvy that makes them regular as opposed to thin women, being curvy is more COMMON or TYPICAL but not regular. It bothers me that these negative words and comparisons are made, for curvy & thin women. I understand the lack of fairness curvy women have when being represented by clothing & lingerie companies however, by labeling curvy women as REGULAR only continues to feed the bashing, negative messages & lowers self confidence in other women. Labeling yourselves a “regular women” in turn calls us thin women “irregular,” only continues the body bashing, name calling & bullying cycle.

    • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

      No bashing here. Our goal is to help ALL women feel sexy and beautiful. All women deserve that. We love ALL women at Curvy Girl. We do not participate in any skinny girl shaming or any shaming of any kind. I do not allow “meat is for a man, bones are for a dog” posts either.

  • Jalen

    I am a size 3x and have gained the weight through prescriptions and inactivey due to medical problems so in my mind I am fat. But you dare to make clothing for us curvy women that is femmine, lacey, and lovey. Beyond that you show it on regular people which raises our self esteen and gives us hope that we too can be sexy and loveable in our own mind and our husbands eyes! Keep up the good work that you are doing!!!!

  • MisTBlu

    I think something was hacked because if you click on the link after Owner and resident it takes you to this site, not to your home page: http://www.curvygirllingerie.com/?fof=Y

    • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

      Hey there. Our website is http://www.curvygirlinc.com :)

      • MisTBlu

        Hi Chrystal, sorry but I guess I didn’t make clear what I was pointing out. On YOUR webpage, next to YOUR words Owner and resident is a link that says Curvy Girl Lingerie. If you mouse over the name it says something like plus-size lingerie in San Jose. BUT, if you click on THAT link it takes you to a completely different website — the aforementioned curvygirllingerie.com, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with your site. That’s all. Thanks for creating your business and congratulations on finding the success you sought so much sooner than planned. Best, MTB

  • A flat chested size 10

    As a not plus sized lady but as a not petite lady I would like to add that it would be nice to see some lingerie made for us inbetweeners. I’m athletic so i have a boxy shape and broad shoulders i don’t have the chest to fill out “plus sized” but “regular” is simply not made for humans on planet earth. While i’m super excited to see women’s bodies celebrated i think there is a market that is being neglected.

  • Katie

    Ladies, I am a 5.5 112 pd woman and a regular athlete. What you are doing is beautiful and inspiring not only to me but to millions of other women. I encourage you to stay strong and stand up to flaunt your true beauty! We all have imperfections that we would love to change, I am not disputing nor debating that weight is something that can not be changed. Although, in order to change our bodies, we first must love and respect ourselves in order to do so. Without loving what we got, how do we expect anyone to love us? Weight is merely a number that shows up on a scale, yet personality last forever and will not change no matter how thin or curvy you are! Regular women…. that’s what we are!
    God Bless.

  • Dyanna

    We are all women. It makes no sense to put each other down. Grow up. If you aren’t as big as the biggest person, or as small as the smallest person, who cares? Send a pic. I know a bunch of “skinny” girls who would love to see someone who isn’t photoshopped in lingerie. Stop arguing over the definition of skinny and fat. Love each other. Love yourselves. ♡♥♡♥

  • Diego

    Good Try!! but no…

  • Joe Hopsin

    This aren’t “regular women” this are disgusting women that should be ashamed of how they look. I don’t care about them being fat but they should be. They should go out and train their asses of and eat as healthy as possible. Don’t encourage girls and women that it’s okay to look like this because it’s not. And putting these monsters in lingerie is the worst idea ever i mean come on who in the world would like to see them in underwear designed for beautiful women. Being fat is not okay, it’s horrible and you need to try as hard as you can to get as slim and as healthy possible.

    • silkguitar

      Sorry, no shaming here. You’re in the wrong place, Joe.

  • Karen List

    Oh geez! I wish I hadn’t read all these comments before I made my own. Many of the comments just brought me down and made me sad. I think some are missing the point. Chrystal is not stating what is ‘regular’ in respect to size, she is simply asking ALL women to post their natural photos without being photo shopped or altered to show that no one is perfect, regardless of size, not matter thin or thick, and all women are beautiful and should be empowered and feel confident about themselves. She didn’t specifically ask ‘curvy’ women to post their pics, if you look at her headline, she simply put a campaign out to post your ‘regular’ pics in lingerie, not your spruced up model pics that were altered to look like something you are not in reality.

    Furthermore, the point is to show that even models are photo shopped and do not look as good as the pictures in the magazines. It is really unhealthy for society to think you should look like a model in a magazine (especially young girls) because not even the models look like the models in the magazines. Photographers make many alterations to make them look perfect, and that is just simply not reality and something we should try to achieve in real life.

    I am personally not overweight, but I do believe that all women should feel confident about themselves and not be disrespected or bashed. And, that is just the humane and respectful way to act. Some of these comments are just terrible and I don’t understand why the negative people even feel the need to comment or be on this page. Really? This is how you want people to see you? Wow! You are portraying such a negative image of yourself to act in this manner, so childish. In my experience, only very insecure people act this way, maybe they are good looking on the outside per society, but acting so mean is usually a sign that they have to bash and bully others to make themselves feel better about themselves, like some may lack education, may not have a good job, etc.

    I am Christian and I will say this…We are all made in God’s image. God created each one of us to be a unique expression of Himself. Society portrays an image of what is supposed to be beautiful. But, that is an earthly lie because we are all beautiful.

    Chrystal is inspirational and her goal is to make all women feel good and empowered and confident. Yes, she opened a store for ‘curvy’ women, because frankly, there are tons of stores that cater too the smaller sizes, so what’s the point of her catering to the sizes that so many already cater to??? She’s including, as opposed to the societal exclusion, of ALL women of ALL shapes and sizes to a group of sizes in which most stores to not carry the larger sizes. It’s not rocket science! And, frankly, why do you haters even care???? if you don’t like it, why are you even here on this page??? What brought you here to bash and hate??? Go to a page you like to see, with pictures of women you like to look at, and say something nice on that page! Seriously!

  • Missyfloth

    It’s too bad that the people that are hating on big women are just so unhappy they feel the need to drag others down with them. They think we are an easy target.
    Bet they don’t think that now!!!

  • Michele Gutto

    Thank you Curvy Girl for this campaign I have attained more confidence than I ever thought possible. Keep on promoting body acceptance – all women can learn from this.

  • hotmilf

    I am happy that she did this because i just had my baby on Halloween. I wasn’t thin to begin with so I’m in no tush to hide my pregnancy scars. I want her to know that i gave up my body for her and in time I will be the weight i am happy with.

  • jennifer

    What I cant believe is people are still making a huge negative thing about this. Do you not have anything else to do? Let people be happy in life. Size 0-100, brown, white, black, green, purple, blue, male, female….who cares. Be happy to be human and celebrate it. Would it not be boring if we all looked a like? Yes…I am overweight. Blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal, no medical issues and I run (not fast but I do it) I’m just overweight. Im working on loosing weight not because someone “shamed” me into it but because people celebrated me for me.

  • rauqyroad

    It breaks my heart that we can’t come together as women (of any size) to celebrate beauty in all of it’s different sizes, shapes and forms. Why do we even have to equate it with anything other than what it is. We don’t look at a handsome man and debate whether he is healthy or not. Celebrate all of your women friends thin or round, tall or short for who they are and the beauty of their souls and the packages that they come in. That’s the beauty of this world, the fantastic randomness that makes us all unique. Why is any one look better than another and why are we so afraid of differences. Come on friends, it’s not that hard a concept really. Don’t be afraid of differences, think of the world we could create if we just embraced each other and loved one another.

  • Nancy Meyer

    Thank you for standing up and asking, who has the right to judge another person? If you are heavy and choose to be happy with who you are that is your right and we should be accepted as who we are. And by the way, we are more than just physical outward appearance. There is too much emphasis placed upon our exterior appearance, if only so much concern was placed on developing our our minds and souls, we might all be better human beings!

  • thomas burke

    Wwooooo wwwhhoooo ….. Go girls of the very curvy type… As a guy… I can NOT stand what hollywierd has done to what FEMALES should look like… FEMALES that can be folded up and put into an envelope are not appealing ….

    Betty Ditto is my dream girl…

  • Petey

    This is horrible. Just horrible. There is no beauty here at all. Just ugly. So much ugly.

  • Angela Vanden Tak

    Chrystal, thank you for making this safe space for women to feel like they can be open with themselves and be real. This is something that is so needed in the world, as I very much believe that women cannot see themselves as ok and normal until they see bodies like themselves. Keep up the awesomeness <3

    • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

      I agree Angela Thank you

  • ThisGirl

    Yes, I’m 18. Yes, I am fat. Yes, I am healthy. Yes, I know I’m gorgeous and sexy. And yes, I am proud of my beautiful size 14/16 body. It’s taken me a long time to love myself just the way I am. And that’s what this is all about. Once you learn to love your body exactly the way it is today, you can begin to make those little changes that help better improve your life. Once I learned to love myself, I lost 10 pounds without even trying! That’s a great feeling and it just made me love myself even more. So no matter what anyone says, I will continue to love my body exactly how it is. You can’t love anyone else until you love you.

  • Tanya Thrun

    It breaks my heart to see the belittling and bickering
    below. Normal and regular are settings
    on the washer and dryer, they do not define women, don’t let it define you.
    Women as a whole dislike what they see in the mirror. Every one is told the
    same things and we all see the same stuff out there; it affects us all the same
    way no matter our size. What is offensive is that we are taught to argue over
    who/what is good and bad, acceptable or not, pleasing or not, etc. ad infinitum.
    We are taught and make sure that we follow through, if you doubt it look below
    at the comments written. I hated my body at 110, at 145, at 200. I was never
    okay. I love myself today because i choose to, and that has given me the
    ability to be okay with whatever someone else’s size is. I have been able to
    learn the difference in complimenting the person and the outfit/haircut/whatever. It feels good to see people hear the
    difference even when they don’t realize what the difference is.

    I truly love the life I have today and love myself. It’s
    freeing and painless and so much less depressing.

    Much love and respect to all you wonderful women, and to you Chrystal…I admire and respect your ability to have grace and dignity in difficult situation. <3

  • Michele Gutto

    What a great night out tonight – We were at a Plush Party and we were recognized for our participation in the Regular Women Movement. Being part of this has been so much fun but the empowerment that I have gained from being part of it – well it has been amazing. I really did not see the beauty in it until I really started looking – seeing the beauty of other curvy women has helped me to see the beauty within myself. Thank you again Chrystal and Curvy Girl Lingerie – I can’t say enough how much you have changed my life for the better.

  • Gracie-Sue-Too

    I don’t understand the bashing…..no one is harming you by celebrating themselves and loving themselves as they are. I was so happy to see Curvy Girl doing this love-yourself picture sharing.
    I am fat….I will never be skinny. I am almost 40 and have been diagnosed with something that effects my metabolism in such a way that I just cannot ever look like the women who are celebrated in pictures on other lingerie sites. I spent a time a few years ago pretty much living at the gym, I am vegan and was eating a high protein low carb diet, I lost a few pounds but stayed pretty much at the upper 200s. I have no issues with blood pressure, blood sugar levels or anything else everyone tries to blame on weight. Studies are showing that obese people living non-sedentary lifestyles are actually living longer than our skinny counterparts.
    So, here’s my question to everyone anti-larger-women-loving-themselves…..how are we HURTING you by celebrating and loving ourselves?? I can tell you, I’ve been fat-shamed and ostracized and laughed at for JUST BEING ME. Studies also show that overweight people also often do not get jobs or promotions based on looks alone. They also show shaming has been proven to cause weight gain, not loss…..So it is not altruistic, or because you think we just didn’t notice we were fat.
    I am a much happier person now than I was as an anorexic teen or a gym rat. Since I have embraced myself, my family is happier and my husband says that my newfound self-confidence is a HUGE turn on. I love that Curvy Girl is encouraging other women to love themselves and really feel saddened the bullies are GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY to harass women that already face so much of that in real life. What little self-esteem you must have to come over here to shame, harass and pick on others. I suggest you take five seconds to analyze why this ‘fight’ is so important to you….because other than compensating for your own subconscious (or conscious) shortcomings, or you are just normally a bully, there is not one reason to go out of your way to harass others and belittle them.
    I love me, and pray that every woman in the world (fat, thin, and in between) gets to do so in their life. In a world where media gives us unreal , airbrushed, photoshopped images to aspire to starting from birth, could we please try to just love each other as is, at this moment or at the very least not go out of our ways to bully, belittle and ostracize each other, as women and human beings?
    THANK YOU CURVY GIRL for loving us as we are and encouraging us to do so, too!

  • Emily Marie Dominguez

    Ladies, ladies… PLEASE let’s not get caught up in the negativity. All women, regardless of size/shape/weight, are REAL. That being said, I love that Chrystal has provided a safe forum for women with all our lumps, bumps, rolls etc to post pictures where we feel beautiful and sexy without having anyone tell us otherwise. Lord knows we get enough of that, not to mention that a lot of us beat our own selves up over our appearances. I’ve been fat all my life but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that I was able to look in a mirror and love the image looking back. That’s why I created a page on Facebook to encourage love, acceptance and respect for people of all sizes and why I support campaigns like Chrystal’s.

  • Laura

    I think when people bully others “for their own good”—which is always only done to bolster the bully’s own self-esteem—they forget that stress is, without question, linked to shorter lifespans, while fat is not. Bullying fat people is doing only harm, never good. Loving your body and being able to life in the world without harassment is the best way to live a long, healthy life.

    While I don’t think anyone has the obligation to live any else’s definition of healthy, I do think that everyone has an obligation to allow others to live their lives free of the harassment and judgement that is occurring on this page here and everywhere. I’m thrilled that Curvy Girl, Inc. gives women options to celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • jenn

    Uuummm.. Don’t know if I’m eligible to join the comments here, but what about those of us that have been on both sides of the fence? I was morbidly obese (Dr’s description) & have had gastric bypass three times (1st was elective, 2nd &3rd were emergency procedures due to doctor screw ups). I have been thru hell with my body.. Still do.. I lost over 200 lbs the 1st time taking from 330 to 119 in less than one year- by complete malnutrition..constant vomiting, (litterally for the 1st TWO YEARS), staff infection, . If I counted all the lbs lost with all the surgeries it would probably amount to over 400 lbs in the past decade.. I now sit at a size 6(?)/ 8(?)- and still feel &look horrible-like a deflated jabba the hut…(& before you say it- no I CANNOT get surgery to take care of the extra skin- insurance won’t cover it- so I get to feel /look like an unfinished science project). I hate to see myself undressed… I may be able to go into any store to wear their clothes, but *I* know it’s an illusion &what I look like underneath… It drives my husband – who lovea me & adores my looks -NUTS that I hide from him unless I’m (basically) covered at all (andI mean ALL) times. It makes me hate myself… I still feel like the fat chick who had to hide in the dark corner.. It makes me indignant to hear the insults slung around here from the trolls to curvies, the skinnies who just want to join &find some acceptance too (who knows THEIR stories?) getting bashed by the curvies… The curvies to the curvies. We’ re all searching for SOMETHING ladies-that’s how we found HERE-right? Can’t we just enjoy each other’s company &what everyone has to offer?
    *** And just for the record-from someone who recognizes that she has severe body dismorphia & struggles desperately with it – I applaud EVERY ONE of you ladies from size 2 to size whatever -X that is proud & accepting of who they are &HOW they are.. You don’t know how jealous some of us truely are of you..You are all beautiful! Rock on my friends-you are awesome!

  • Hecate

    To all of the people complaining about ‘skinny bashing,’ it’s kind of like reverse racism. Thin girls aren’t killing themselves over being too thin. They aren’t bombarded with ads telling them how to gain weight, or told nobody will love them for being too thin. Your offense is a result of you tying your self-esteem to other people’s opinions of your body (in this case, the opinions of other women).

    What is missing from your self-image that you expected to find on some website? You wanted to see yourself represented? That’s impossible. Another person who is nearly identical to you is still not a representation of you. When you say you want to see ‘yourself’ represented, you are saying that your self consists of an image on a screen – that a person who looks similar to you must therefore be like you. REALLY?

    Of course, it is still hilarious that so many campaigns exist to help women feel ‘liberated’ via beauty. It’s like “no, it’s okay if you’re above a certain size. You’re still a perfectly fine canvas for manufactured ‘sexiness’ to be imposed upon.” So as always, fuckability = worth as a person. The only difference is that this site assures women of size that they, too, are acceptable commodities.

    Or in other words, where are all of the 60-year-old butch black women in sweats with no makeup? Not commenting here, because their self-esteem comes from within and they don’t mistake photos for their soul.

  • Jessica

    A lot of ladies that have had kids have that belly flap. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are unhealthy, it means your skin was stretched when you grew a baby.

  • Mike

    what a shame this is becoming acceptable…you dont have to be a model but being overweight is hazardous to your health and really puts a drain on our healthcare system..

    • http://www.CurvyGirlInc.com/ Chrystal Bougon

      Do some research that is NOT paid for my pharmaceutical companies and not paid for by people who sell LAP BAND surgeries and then get back to me. Take Care, Chrystal

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  • JDH

    Its cool that she is proud of her body…I commend her for that. However, that isn’t just curvy, that is fat, in my opinion. I always felt that a curvy women simply has the shape of someone who is, lets say “normal” but just bigger proportions. I guess what I am saying is the shape is the same kind of hourglass shape that most women have, but just curvier and bigger than average. The girl in the main photo has lost that shape and has no real shape. For me, I think you’re no longer curvy when you loose that kind of hourglass shape. The women I have highlighted are bigger girls and are larger than what some would consider “normal” but yet still have that kind of hour glass. So, if I were to give advice to any women out there, I would say if you don’t like to work out or if you are okay with yourself, then just do enough to keep the hourglass. Doesn’t have to be a pronounced hourglass and you don’t have to be a size 3 to have one…you can be a 16 and keep a nice shape. The women above, in the main photo has lost that and so I would call that just fat.

  • JDH

    One thing that does irritate me about all of this is, the suggestion that real women can’t look absolutely stunning is a knock against real women who do. Its almost as if to say, well, if you are well proportioned or work your tail off in the gym, you aren’t real because most of us don’t and can’t or are unwilling to put forth the kind of effort it takes to do so. All women are regular women. Some women may attract many more men, and maybe the women that say they are the true “regular” women are somehow made to feel less than what they should feel about themselves because of it, but that has nothing to do with ones that are considered “hot”. That has to do with the so called real “regular” women who feel less than desirable and are now kind of lashing out. I know this for sure, I would like to have an attractive wife, a wife that I consider very sexy but to get that kind of wife, the best way for me to do that is to have the best possible body I can have and to force myself to make time to get that way, regardless of the obstacles in front of me. Like normally attracts like. That is what I would suggest for the women that feel like society ignores them because of their weight or shape. Just try to improve what needs improving no matter what and it will pay big dividends.

  • sandy

    Size 10-12 is curvy, any bigger and you’re considered fat, not normal