Sexy is for Every Body. Our Plus Size Lingerie Boutique in the San Francisco Chronicle



Wanted to share this with all of you.  The San Francisco Chronicle Style Guide interviewed me at my plus size lingerie store in San Jose and included some editorial in their Style Guide that is going out in this Sunday’s Chron. Plus, they linked to our story here on SF Gate, too:

Here is a quote from the piece :

Chrystal Bougon is a big woman with bold ideas.

“Life is too short for bad sex and ugly underwear,” she says with a candor that could cause some people to blush, but is fueled by purpose.

So cool.  I am looking forward to a day when I can franchise Curvy Girl Lingerie so we that this might not be such big news one day. Yes, Fat Women are sexy, too. And, some of us want to wear super sexy lingerie.

Thank you to Carolyne, the author of this article and thank you to the Chronicle and SF Gate for sharing out mission and our store with their readers.

Even bigger thank you to all of my customers who have supported me with their big, curvy girl hearts to make our boutique more than just a store. They have made is a movement. I am so grateful for all of your support, Curvy Girls!

Our online store is and our blog is

Big Love, Chrystal

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl



Curvy Girl Flash Mob Sept. 20th at Curvy Girl


Curvy Girl Flash Mob Sept. 20th

We’re having a P.A.R.T.Y. on Sept. 20th at our store Curvy Girl Lingerie. We want to have a big party and flash mob at our store with a bunch of our friends and customers for a big huge GROUP photo. And, the reason we are doing this is to attract Oprah’s attention! (More info on my blog here about Oprah’s tour and visit to San Jose.)

Yup, I said OPRAH.  She and her tour will be in town in early November at the S.A.P. center and she will literally be 3.6 miles from our store.  And, our store is the 1st Plus Size Lingerie store in the country and 1 of 2 in the entire U.S.!

I think Oprah would LOVE our “Sexy is for Every Body” message and would adore our Curvy Girl Community. We want to Oprah and her producers to see the most amazing fat / thick / curvy / plush women LIVIGN OUT LOUD. Fat and proud and NOT HIDING any longer. Fat, sexy women who are shameless and proud. Curvy women who are comfortable standing in their sexiness and ignoring all of the fat shamers and concern trolls.

Let’s rock this Curvy Girls.

Here is the Facebook event link if you want to go there and RSVP and please share this blog or our F.B. event so we can get the word out to the Big ol’ Curvy World!

I hope you will join us. Everyone is welcome. You can be fat, thin, thick, atletic, curvy… basically just own a body. We would love for our allies to join us on Sept. 20th, too.

We will have a photographer there to record the event and take some pictures of all of our lovely supporters.

Share the love and tell your friends.

Thank you.

Chrystal Bougon


Plus Size Corsets and Bustiers from Curvy Girl Lingerie

Wanted to share some of our best selling corsets with our blog readers. Plus, we adore our model and Curvy Girl Cover Girl Shawna and she is getting ready to move to San Diego and we are going to miss her!

The first pic is our Skullduggery Corset and this one is available in sizes 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50.  This one fits best when you buy a size close to your bra size.


Skull Corset Plus Size from Curvy Girl Lingerie

If your cups are a size D or larger, buy one size larger. So if you normally wear a 40 DD, buy the 42. It’s denim so it doesn’t give too much.


We have some other great pics in our other corsets. Here are few more of Shawna, but you can also browse our Plus Size Corset section on our online store:




This second picture of Shawna is from a quick to the store this evening. We call this corset our floral tapestry and it’s probably our best seller because it fits SO MANY different and unique types of Curvy bodies.  Shawna is wearing the size 42 in red and it’s all cinched up in the back.  The Continue reading