Knock You Nekkid Margarita Recipe

I just heard that today, Feb. 22nd, is National Margarita Day! I had no idea. I like this “holiday.”

I wanted to share my all time favorite margarita recipe and it’s called “Knock You Naked” margarita. You can tweek it the way you like it, but there are basically 4 ingredients. (Sometimes I use regular 7-UP and other times I like to use the diet 7-UP to make it less sweet and cut down on the calories.)

knock you naked margarita

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12   oz Frozen Limeade (Use the empty can to measure the rest of the ingredients.)

12 oz Tequila

12 oz  Diet 7-UP

12 oz  Corona (Works great with most Mexican beers)

Just pour all 4 ingredients into a glass pitcher. Stir and you are ready to drink. I like to garnish with lime wedges and salt rims, too.

(Take the frozen limeade out of the freezer about a half an hour before and put them in the refrigerator so it thaws out some, but not all the way.)


Sincerely, Chrystal



Love Letter to a Bully on the Channel 2 News

As you may know, we are collaborating with Plus Size Mommy Memoirs on our “Love Letter to a Bully” campaign and I wanted to share the You Tube video of our store on the local ABC news station here in San Jose called KTVU Channel 2 news.

The sassy, smart and gorgeous Heather Holmes visited my plus size lingerie store, Curvy Girl Lingerie, to come and interview me about the campaign. You can watch the 2.5 minute segment here.

Join us in our campaign. Add your own Love Letter to your Bully on our Facebook page or here on our blog. Try it. It’s very powerful and as Jen keeps saying – enough is enough. Plus, it’s so good for your soul to forgive your bullies.

Thank you!
Chrystal Bougon
Owner and Resident Curvy Girl
Curvy Girl Lingerie


Love Letter to an Internet Bully

Dear Internet Bullies, Fat Shamers, Concern Trolls,Thumb Thugs.

curvy-girl-lingerieEveryone has at least one story about being bullied or shamed once in their lifetime. For some of us it happened in grade school. Others in high school. For some of us, our families bullied us about our weight or our sexuality. For some of us, we have been bullied online by anonymous internet bullies or concern trolls. Others of us have been bullied on the playground or in a sports arena. Some of us get bullied at work. Everyone can relate to being bullied or shamed. And, those of you who know me as the owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, you may be very familiar with the very public bullying I have been a part of since I opened my plus size lingerie store in Oct. 2012. Who knew people had so much free time to be so concerned about my health and the health and happiness of all of the beautiful fat, curvy, thick and plush women we have helped in the 17 months we have been open. Some of them have been very vocal and most of the others have been anonymous shamers and cyber bullies hiding behind anonymous profiles and faceless emoticons.

Jen Mclellan of and and I want to invite you to join us in writing a LOVE LETTER to your bully. Stand up to your bully Continue reading