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Photo Credit : Funny or Die Video / Podcast

So much press lately, I wanted to share all of the links with you, too. We were on Inside Edition and Bethenny (though Bethenny has not aired yet.)  Both Inside Edition and the Bethenny show wanted to learn more about our “Unphotoshopped, Regular Woman” Facebook campaign.

But, thanks to some controversy that was stirred up by a Mom in Sacramento who took issue with the campaign, we ended up on OMG Insider, Access Hollywood, CNN, Good Morning America and many more shows. So here are the links and you can check them out when you have a moment. It was an exciting 2 weeks. I would have liked more attention on our campaign and less on the “fit Mom vs. Curvy Girl” but we all know the media likes to sensationalize things and run with something they think is controversial.

Curvy Girl on Good Morning America Nov. 2013 

Curvy Girl on CNN Nov. 2013

 Curvy Girl Lingerie on Inside Edition Nov. 2013

Curvy Girl Lingerie on OMG Insider

Curvy Girl Lingerie on Access Hollywood

Funny or Die “Bad M.F.” video :

Young Turks on You Tube :

Steve Malzberg/ NewsMax :

Gil Grossman 910 a.m. SF Radio Show and Podcast :

 And tons of cool articles, too:


Merc more pics


 Stay tuned. There is more coming!

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Curvy Girl Lingerie & Chrystal Bougon on CNN


Curvy Girl Lingerie






I am excited! I was interviewed on CNN this morning talking about our “unphotoshopped, regular woman” facebook campaign. They interviewed me and the “fit mom” about how she is “peeved’ about my Curvy Girls sharing their “unphotoshopped” pictures on my Curvy Girl Facebook page.  Here is the video from CNN! Continue reading