Valentine’s Day “Regular, Un-Photoshopped” Woman Campaign

plus-size-lingerieOur original “Regular, Un-photoshopped” selfie campaign was wildly successful thanks to all of you! Let’s do it again – but this time with a Valentine’s Day theme. And, I want to GIFT some Curvy Girl Lingerie to you lovely ladies as a gift.

Here is how you can participate in this “SELFIE” campaign. For starters, ALL bodies are welcome. As you may know, we celebrate all bodies at Curvy Girl Lingerie. We believe all bodies are beautiful and all bodies are imperfectly perfect.

Our original campaign was designed to create empathy and compassion. It was designed to let “regular” women – sitting at their computer reading this on their laptop, or on Facebook, or maybe on their Kindle… to show all of us what a woman who is NOT a model – what we look like in our lingerie.

To participate, start by SHARING your picture our Curvy Girl Facebook page. (By posting to our fb page, you acknowledge that this will be available to be viewed by the public.)  Go to our   page and share your photo on our wall. (Or you can add it here to our blog comments section. Submissions to our email or via private message to our facebook account are not eligible. They have to be shared publicly by you to be entered into the contest.)

Plus-Size-LingerieWe will take the Top 5 photos (the one’s with the most comments, likes, and shares) and put the TOP 5 on our Facebook page for our FANS to vote for their favorite. The winner will be notified on February 1st and the winner will get to choose 1 item from our ONLINE lingerie store and will also win a my FAVORITE vibrator, the 5 Speed Bullet!  (Lingerie value max Continue reading


Pjur “eros” bodyglide lube and the 16 reasons why I love it so much


Best Lube Ever!

15 Reasons we LOVE the Eros Lube – Pjur Bodyglide   (Silicone lube and it’s so yummy!) (I do sell it on my site and on my site.)

1. Never gets dry or sticky – ever. (We have written about this lube before and we called it “possibly the best lube ever” and you can read our blog about the Eros Lube here.)

2. No preservatives added.

3. No fragrance added.

4. No flavor added.

5. No glycerin – which means it’s SUPER for women with sensitivities. (Buy EROS here.)

6. Great for sex under water – fun in the hot tub or the shower (keeps everything slick under water!).

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Why do I say “sieze the day” so often? Why do I want you to enjoy your body NOW?

seize the dayIf you have heard any of my interviews (especially when I was on CNN, GMA, Inside Edition, etc during the 2 weeks of press craziness over the Fit Mom vs. Curvy Girl brew-ha-ha) you maybe heard me say how I want my Curvy Girls to enjoy every ounce of pleasure their curvy bodies are capable of RIGHT NOW. Right this very second. Not in 25lbs from now. Not when they lose their baby weight. Not when they get that perfect job. NOW. Right this second.

I say if often on my Curvy Girl Facebook Page. I say it often at our brick and mortar plus size lingerie store. I say it a lot on my various blogs all over the interwebs. SEIZE THE DAY CURVY GIRLS! Enjoy your body now. Rock that lingerie now. Stop having sex with the lights off. Stop ducking out of photographs your family is taking. It’s time for Curvy Girls to come out of the shadows and we are going to stop hiding NOW. I want you all to live without any regrets or any time lost.

But, why is that so important to me? (And, yes, I do believe in good health and I always want all of my curvy customers to be working towards good health. Not working towards a certain size. Working towards good health which can happen at EVERY size.) The reason I want all of you beautiful, bodacious, Curvy women to seize the day is because tomorrow is not guaranteed. And, sadly, I have some experience with this concept. I have experienced some pretty major loss in my life. I have lots some people VERY close to me and very near and dear to my heart and to my life.

So, a bit about my journey to this point. 45 now. Basically, overweight by someone’s definition, since the 3rd grade. I remember my family moved from Nellis Air Force Base to a home off the base and it seems like that was a turning point for me with my weight. I was fortunate to be raised by a family that had unconditional love for me and rarely did anyone say anything negative about my weight. (Save for a few 2nd cousins who were sort of assholes.)

Then, in 1989 (the year of the big earthquake) my best friend since the 3rd grade, died in a really horrific drunk driving accident. Her name was Traci. She was the drunk one. She also killed 3 other people in her drunk driving accident. And, sadly, the last time the two of Continue reading