Curvy Girl Lingerie Trends for 2014

fat-girl-lingerieA blog I wrote for the Huffington Post. It’s got a sexy slide show with some of the pictures of the new lingerie we are carrying at the store and on our online store.

Sexy Lingerie Trends for 2014 Article Here

I am excited to be writing a blog for the Huffington Post all about Curvy Girl Lingerie, trends, styles, and the Curvy Girl world!


This is my first blog and we got 11 comments. If you have any comments, please add them to the Huff Po article. That would be so awesome!

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl


Be a Dear, Donate a Brassiere – donate your bras at Curvy Girl Lingerie

Donate your gently worn bras.

Donate your gently worn bras.

Ok, ladies, I know you have some gently worn bras laying around.  In your drawers, hanging in your closets and maybe even some of them still have the tags on them. Curvy women are notoriously bad at keeping outrbras and foundations up to date.  If you have any extra bras you would like to donate, please stop by the store between now and Feb. 20th.

We will ship them all to  in Mountain View on the 21st of February.

I grabbed this information from their Facebook page. If you are not in the San Jose are and have some bras you would like to donate, you can mail them to our store or you can mail them directly to Be a Dear’s PO Box info I included here for you. (And, we are accepting all bras… big or small. Pretty or sporty. Gently worn or new.)

I love having a brick and mortar for this very reason! We have a fun spot to create community and do some good. You ladies and gents are always so super generous. I am Continue reading


Valentine’s Day “Regular, Un-Photoshopped” Woman Campaign

plus-size-lingerieOur original “Regular, Un-photoshopped” selfie campaign was wildly successful thanks to all of you! Let’s do it again – but this time with a Valentine’s Day theme. And, I want to GIFT some Curvy Girl Lingerie to you lovely ladies as a gift.

Here is how you can participate in this “SELFIE” campaign. For starters, ALL bodies are welcome. As you may know, we celebrate all bodies at Curvy Girl Lingerie. We believe all bodies are beautiful and all bodies are imperfectly perfect.

Our original campaign was designed to create empathy and compassion. It was designed to let “regular” women – sitting at their computer reading this on their laptop, or on Facebook, or maybe on their Kindle… to show all of us what a woman who is NOT a model – what we look like in our lingerie.

To participate, start by SHARING your picture our Curvy Girl Facebook page. (By posting to our fb page, you acknowledge that this will be available to be viewed by the public.)  Go to our   page and share your photo on our wall. (Or you can add it here to our blog comments section. Submissions to our email or via private message to our facebook account are not eligible. They have to be shared publicly by you to be entered into the contest.)

Plus-Size-LingerieWe will take the Top 5 photos (the one’s with the most comments, likes, and shares) and put the TOP 5 on our Facebook page for our FANS to vote for their favorite. The winner will be notified on February 1st and the winner will get to choose 1 item from our ONLINE lingerie store and will also win a my FAVORITE vibrator, the 5 Speed Bullet!  (Lingerie value max Continue reading