Curvy Girl Self Care : 5 Nice Things


Sassy Panties

I follow Brittany Herself on Facebook and her blog and I just adore her sassy style and her ideas.  She has a blogging challenge going on and I going to participate this month where I can… starting today.

Here is a link to Brittany Herself and her blogging challenge. There are so many ideas here, but I am starting with some “self care” stuff as I have had a deep need recently for some self care.  Here is the excerpt from her blog challenge I am going :  “Self Care is everything. Tell me about 5 things can do this week to prioritize and treat yourself.”

I am going to start with 5 Things I have done for myself in the last few days.

5 Things This Curvy Girl Did to Make Myself a Priority

  1.  I did exactly what I wanted to do this past weekend. I did not plan around my friends or family. I did not plan around my sexy handyman. I just did exactly what I wanted all weekend long at the time I wanted to do them. Both days!
  2. I treated myself to a new sex toy from the Good Vibrations store in Palo Alto and found some AWESOME panties that we will now carry at my plus size lingerie store. (See pic above!) Win Win!
  3. I invited some of my best friends over to my house this past Friday night and we played “Cards Against Humanity” and had Continue reading

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We are celebrating over 100,000 Curvy Girl “likers” on Facebook


I love you all! Thanks for your Facebook love.

I can’t believe we are over 102,000 “fans” or likers / followers on Facebook. To celebrate all of your love and support, we are going to give away one of our best selling corsets.  I chose this particular item for the giveaway because it is available in so many sizes.  We can get this corset in 6 different colors and in sizes 38, 40, 42, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50. So if you are the lucky winner, we will email you and you can tell us which size and color you would like us to ship to you. This promotion is good for our Curvy Girl fans all over the world – so not restricted to U.S. customers.  You are all eligible to please enter. We ship all over the planet!


We do sell this plus size corset on our Curvy Girl online store, too. Here is the link if you could like to buy one. What we LOVE about this corset is the 4 panels of spandex that allow us to fit it on to so many of our beautiful curvy customers. Your curves can be anywhere with this one – we can cinch almost anyone between a size 38 and a 50 into this beautiful and well constructed corset.

Here is the link where you can enter the Curvy Girl Raffle:

And, if you haven’t LIKED our Facebook page, I suggest you come join us in the fun and community we have there. Lots of great information and resources for all of us Curvy Girls worldwide.

LOVE YOU ALL for helping me to make my Curvy Girl Lingerie store a big success and for making my dream come true. So grateful for all of your support and social media love.

Love, Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl