The Plus-Size Revolution Comes To T.V. – Plus Life TV

This is a fantastic article from Richard at all about our Plus-Size T.V. Show we are calling Plus Life. (We are self funding this t.v. show which is how we can keep it a 100% Diet Free Zone. You can still be one of our BACKERS and help us make our last three episodes of our first season, too!  Donate here: )

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An audacious new reality show that will hit the airwaves this fall will feature an exuberant band of plus-size women partying, talking sex and trying on skimpy ensembles from their favorite lingerie shop.

But there’s one thing viewers won’t see or hear when Plus Life debuts: curvy women moaning about their size, shape or yo-yo diets.

“There will be no diet talk, no talk about how much you hate your body,” co-producer Chrystal Bougon, the founder of Curvy Girl Lingerie boutique in San Jose, told Lingerie Talk.

“These are what I call the Fierce Fatties. They don’t give a fuck. These ladies are very far along in their journey. They are empowered and living and loving.”

Plus Life is a reality show unlike anything before it — an uninhibited, body-positive, sex-positive and highly purposeful attempt to show a side of plus-size women that is rarely acknowledged in public.


The independently produced 10-episode series is expected to air in November on an as-yet-unnamed cable channel. It’ll likely be broadcast post-midnight because, well, it’s going to get naughty.

Based on a day in the life of Curvy Girl Lingerie, the famed store that has become a platform for Bougon’s activism on behalf of curvy women, Plus Life will feature the Continue reading


“Mock All Fat People” : “Dear Fat People” : Swedish TV

curvy-girl-lingerieThat is exactly how “Dear Fat People” translates in Swedish. “Mock All Fat People.” Need I say more?

I don’t know much about Swedish T.V. but they tell me they are one of the top T.V. shows in Sweden. is their website and Peter Al Fakir interviewed me for what he called “One of the biggest broadcast channels in Sweden.”  (VIDEO LINK HERE. 2 mins. 39 seconds.)

Peter Al Fakir: “We have sent the newssegment and it is up on our webpage. The program Aktuellt is a newshour in one of the biggest broadcast channels in Sweden.We also invited a guest to discuss the topic of fat shaming, a Swedish stand up comedian, who really took a dislike to Arbour.”


plus-size-lingerieYou may have seen my meme and blogs about this complete nitwit and whom I have been referring to as “asshole.” And I did extend an invite to Nicole to stop by my boutique, Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, any time so I can comp her a vibrator and a butt plug. This woman obviously has some rage and anger she needs to work out. Orgasms take the edge off, Nicole. I promise. Just ask any of my “fat” customers.

The only reason I am sharing this and the only saving grace here is I do get to speak my mind in a very calm and coherent way and I think my opinions about Nicole are spot on. She is in need of some attention and trying to gain some internet celebrity and most likely, she has a lot of hate for her own body. I do also mention how it angers me that Continue reading


“Because You’re Fat!” Great Punchline from a Doctor

dr ken fat shamingIf you are a curvy, thick, fat person I can almost guarantee that there have been times when you paused when you knew you needed to see a physician. Am I Right?  Even if you had something like an ingrown toe nail, sore throat or the flu …. you maybe did not go to see your doctor or go to the urgent care because you KNOW the routine. Someone is likely going to BADGER you about your weight.  Even if you have a broken arm, the physician’s assistant, a nurse or the doctor herself is going to lean in to a big long lecture. We know this to be pretty much always true. I know you have all probably had one medical appointment that could bring tears to your eyes right this moment. It’s awful and it’s lacking in respect and basic human dignity. Because ya know, you’re fat. You are not human.

(I really wish someone would do some research on what might happen if fat people actually felt comfortable enough to go in for their annual wellness exam. I am pretty sure all of the STATISTICS that the anti fat people quote constantly would be so different if we actually felt comfortable enough to go and see our primary car physicians!)   (my blog on why sometimes the haters bring us together.)

Have you seen the commercials for the upcoming t.v. show “Dr. Ken” starring Ken Continue reading