All I See is Fat! How Can I Be Hot & Sexy?

bully self sign pinkSee if you can relate to my self-hating, self-loathing, “I’m a fraud” inner dialogue from tonight:

You tell me I am so sexy and beautiful on a daily basis, but all I see is fat.

You tell me I am so hot and smart, but all I see is fat.

You tell me you admire me and what I have created, but I doubt myself and all I see is fat.

You show me so much care, nurturing and love, but all I see is fat.

You give me a million compliments when I wear my lingerie for you and you give me so much confidence to flaunt my curves and yet, all I see is fat. Today. Not every day. But, today, that is all I can see and feel is how fat I am.

I must be some kind of fraud, right?  How can I help fat women to feel sexy and beautiful when some days I don’t see it in myself?

Tonight I was in my boutique ( where I sell plus size lingerie, btw) I saw myself in the security video camera and my first thought was “How can he see me as so sexy and hot?”   ugggggggg  CHRYSTAL – YOU KNOW BETTER was the second thing I thought.

Is he lying to me? How can he think all of this as hot and sexy? There’s just no way!

And that little breakdown lasted for about an hour tonight.  Like all of you, it is an Continue reading


Curvytini – Curvy Girl Swimwear is Here


Curvytini by Curvy Girl Lingerie

Our swimwear is in! Are you ready to hit the beach in a sexy Curvytini? We have sizes 1x/2x, 3x/4x and 5x/6x.  Hot pink. Torquoise. Purple. Black. We even have a new zebra pattern swim- dress that is super sexy!

And we are proud to announce that our models are customers of ours! We know our customers enjoy seeing our lingerie and now our swimwear on bodies that look like their bodies. Professional plus size models are wonderful, but not very easy to relate to when you are trying to buy a bathing suit online. Spray tans, photoshop, professional stylists and all of that stuff if fun, but here at Curvy Girl we are all about the reality of real life.  We do our best to show our products on our customers so those of us sitting at home on our computers can figure out what we might look like in the lingerie and the swimwear.

We have some super sexy one pieces that are designed for those of you who “hot tub” with others. :)  And, some super sexy swim dresses, too.

Be sure to check out all of our Curvy Girl Swimwear here.   CURVY GIRL SITE

Here is Shawna in our Curvy Girl Swim Dress. So sexy.


Curvy Girl Swim Dress


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Thank and Happy Spring!


Curvy Girl 30 Day Challenge : 30 Days of Loving Your Body


Let’s DO IT for 30 days in a row! I asked a question on my Facebook page the other day asking my friends, customers and followers where they get their self-esteem and talk about heart breaking to read all of the women with ZERO self-esteem. And, some of them felt like it was a lost cause to ever have good self-esteem. I JUST CANNOT EVEN HEAR THAT.  There has got to be a way to help some for these women. So, let’s start by sharing 30 Things We Love about our Bodies.  1 post a day for 30 days. You can share it on my Facebook page :   or on Instagram at  @curvygirllingerie   (Use the hash tag  #30daycurvy , too, if you want! )

One thing I have learned since I started blogging is that you just never know who it might help or might touch.  So, when you join this challenge, you’re doing it for you and remember, we also may touch or affect one person out there who really needs to see your post. So, share away and thank you for all of your generosity with all of your sharing and support on our social media pages.  (You might also enjoy our 21 Day Curvy Girl Challenge… but it’s a little more hands on.  :) )

Love, Chrystal    (Our online store is  if you want to check it out.)  And, you can join our Curvy Girl Newsletter by texting us the word curvygirl to 22828 and become a Curvy Girl Insider. )