Screw You, Frederick’s of Hollywood. Screw You, Macy’s.


These Plus Size Panties Were in a Bin Hidden Under a Table Under a Table Cloth at Frederick’s of Hollywood

“Plus size shoppers and plus size bodies are the second class citizens of the retail world.”  (Quote by me, but I am SURE I am not the first person to say or feel this!  )

I am sure I do not have to tell any of you about being a second class consumer. If you’re like me, you’ve been plus size since the days your Mom was taking me you to Sears & Roebucks to try on “Toughskins” in size “husky” every year for back to school shopping. What a nightmare that was. I am scarred for life from those traumatic adolescent experiences.  That was about 35 years ago and it’s not that much better now in 2014 when I shop at the typical retail stores like Macy’s,Target, Nordstroms and JC Penney.

How many times have you had to walk a half a mile to get to the plus size department at your local retailers.  I am so OVER having to scrounge around and dig through racks and racks to find stylish, contemporary clothes that fit my fat, thick, curvy body. Clothing and lingerie in our size is always at the BACK of the store. Or in the BASEMENT.

And I am over walking by rows and rows and racks and racks sutffed full of clothing options that are designed for my thinner sisters. I am thrilled for them, but it really stings when I see thousands of items for them and then like in the case of Targets’s plus size clothes/department, 3 paltry racks for me. (Next to the maternity clothes, no less.) And if you haven’t read about Garner Style’s boycott of Target, here is the link. Chastity, Garner Style founder is also fed up!

Recently, I was at one of our local Macy’s looking for a new leather jacket.  I literally had to walk a half a mile from the parking lot to the plus size department which was 2 floors down in the basement on the opposite side of the store!  Just to get to clothes and jackets that would fit me. (My phone has a pedometer on it. Great exercise, but not what I was looking for at that moment, ya know? )  When I worked in high tech (before I opened Curvy Girl), I use to spend so much time in this department at Macy’s.  It was always so humiliating having to walk through the entire store down two floors to find what I need to wear to work.

“…the average American woman is a size 14, and plus-sizes, often classified as 14 to 34, account for 67 percent of the population, according to Houston-based Plunkett Research.”   (Bloomberg News is the source of this quote.)

So, the Macy’s trip set me off. And then I visited my local Frederick’s of Hollywood at a different mall a week later.  I don’t want to call out which mall I was at because the ladies that work at this particular Frederick’s were lovely.  But you know what wasn’t so lovely?


Plus Size Panties Hidden in a Bin Under A Table at a Local Frederick’s of Hollywood Store.

What wasn’t so lovely and was downright humiliating and awkward was WHERE the Fredrick’s of Hollywood stored their plus size lingerie.

I was looking for g-strings and thongs in my size. Their website says they carry lingerie 1x Continue reading


Share Your Selfie in Your Lingerie : 2014 Regular Women in Lingerie


Chrystal Bougon | Photo Credit Mariana Maya Photography

Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since our very first “Regular Woman in Lingerie” campaign? Please click over and see my beautiful friend and customer who started our “regular woman” campaign last year. (I will warn you about reading the comments. Some of them are less then helpful. This campaign showing fat, thick, curvy bodies in lingerie brought out all kinds of shamers and haters last year. It was quite the challenge keeping up with the haters. So be warned if you go over to the original blog.)

Now see this image here on this blog? That is me. YES, it’s your fearless leader in lingerie. I have had these for a few years and have sworn no less than 100 times that I would NEVER share these pics, but here I am, sharing away. I am just super modest (publicly, anyway) and I decided that his one is tasteful enough to share. I want to show my solidarity with all of you by stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone here. (And, yes, this is photoshopped and professional picture. It’s all I got that I can share publicly, anyway.)  Hi Mom. Hi Dad.  :)


Curvy Girl Cover Girl

This is the beautiful woman that started it all last year.  Ms. Pink Panties and Bra had this idea to show the other women on our page what “regular women” look like … scars, stretch marks, dimples and all.  (And, who can’t relate to blemishes, scars, and stretch marks? Pretty much every single human on the planet has some kind of scars, blemishes and other “imperfections” on their body. My gorgeous friend here in the pink bra and panties thought it would be helpful and create empathy if other women -  who are at home on their own computers on their own Facebook -  to see what a “regular woman” looks like. How often do we see bodies Continue reading


Curvy Girl Lingerie on Inside Edition November 2013

Around this time last year we started to get an insane amount of media attention.  Originally, the media attention came to use because of our “Regular Women in Lingerie” campaign that many of you were a part of.

This time last year Inside Edition came to our boutique and interviewed me and some of my extra special Curvy Girl customers about WHY the “Regular Woman” campaign was important to them.

Here is the video link to my Curvy Girls and me on Inside Edition. I can tell you that this link woks MUCH better with Chrome or Firefox.  It’s basically a 3 minute interview with us and lots of “b roll” from the boutique.

Then a few days later, I flew to NYC and was invited to be on the Bethenny show. And soon after that, all hell broke loose! More on that later.

Here is the CURVY GIRL LINGERIE ON INSIDE EDITION LINK or you can copy and paste this link here:  (it’s sort of an ugly link, but here you go.)

So, to put things in perspective, last year, we had 17,000 LIKERS on Facebook.  One year later we have over 148,000. It’s been a crazy year of growth!

Are you on our page?   and we are @curvygirllingerie on Instagram.  Join us. We have a lot of fun on both sites.

xo, Chrystal Bougon

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