Curvy Girl Lingerie on Inside Edition November 2013

Around this time last year we started to get an insane amount of media attention.  Originally, the media attention came to use because of our “Regular Women in Lingerie” campaign that many of you were a part of.

This time last year Inside Edition came to our boutique and interviewed me and some of my extra special Curvy Girl customers about WHY the “Regular Woman” campaign was important to them.

Here is the video link to my Curvy Girls and me on Inside Edition. I can tell you that this link woks MUCH better with Chrome or Firefox.  It’s basically a 3 minute interview with us and lots of “b roll” from the boutique.

Then a few days later, I flew to NYC and was invited to be on the Bethenny show. And soon after that, all hell broke loose! More on that later.

Here is the CURVY GIRL LINGERIE ON INSIDE EDITION LINK or you can copy and paste this link here:  (it’s sort of an ugly link, but here you go.)

So, to put things in perspective, last year, we had 17,000 LIKERS on Facebook.  One year later we have over 148,000. It’s been a crazy year of growth!

Are you on our page?   and we are @curvygirllingerie on Instagram.  Join us. We have a lot of fun on both sites.

xo, Chrystal Bougon

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Black Friday Deals EARLY

plus-size-lingerieAs I said on Facebook, I don’t want to play a bunch of silly games around Black Friday. I am just marking some of our bestsellers down NOW so you can take advantage of the deals and you don’t have to wait around for Cyber Monday or that other insanity.

So, here are some of the LINKS to the items we have marked down through Thanksgiving weekend. For our U.S. customers, shipping is $9 not matter how many items you order. 1 item or 10 items, it’s still only $9.  (For our international customers, I am SO SORRY there is not a more affordable way to get shipments to you with a tracking number.)  It’s just way too much or a risk for us to ship internationally without a tracking. And, btw, we do not make any profit on shipping at all. We are not marking it up at all. It’s just how the costs break down.

Ok, here are the fun items. (And, the silver bullet vibe is marked down 50%. If you have never had a sex toy before or you have never had an orgasm, this will be the best $7.50 you have ever spent!)


fantasy one shoulderThe one shoulder / one arm black baby doll is on sale for $35  This one is available in 1/2x and 3/4x.  The 3/4x will fit a woman size 20 to 22 very easily. (Maybe an 18 or a 24 depending on where you carry your curves and how tall you are. If you are over 5’5″ it’s going to be short.)  SUPER sexy and SUPER soft lace. There are little drawstrings on the side so you can pull it up or down on each side for more or less length.   CURVY GIRL LINK 

plus-size-lingerieThis “tattooed chemise” is on sale for $37 marked down from $45. No code necessary.  This is a “queen one size” so it’s going to fit women size 12,14,16 and 18 best. Love the red trim.  This beige and red trim is designed to give that tattoo effect. LINK TO THIS TATTOOED CHEMISE ON CURVY GIRL SITE IS HERE

(And remember to add a bullet to your basket. On sale 50% off!) Continue reading


Did You Hug Someone Today? Did You Make Love To Someone Today. Did You Smile at Someone Today?

Then FAT or THIN, your body is perfect!


Fat or Thin: Your Body Is Perfect

Why is your body perfect? We’d love to hear from you. Do you agree with my opinion that if you hugged someone, made love to someone or were able to smile at someone today then your body is perfect?

Curvy Girl Lingerie (Our plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose!)